Tips To Destress At Work

During the work day, there are lots of things going on and it can be quite stressful! From deadlines, demands from your boss, coworker gossip, and office politics, work can be a very stressful environment. Trying to make it through an entire day can be really tough! Focusing and working hard can be extra difficult when you are stressed out, so we put together just a few ideas and things to try when it comes to de-stressing at work. Try some out and see if they work for you!


This one is pretty simple and it doesn’t require any props or even much time. Sitting back in your (hopefully) ergonomic and comfortable office chair that supports you in all the right ways, take a moment to breathe deeply. Focus on your breath and inhale for 5 to 10 seconds before exhaling for 5 to 10 seconds. Do this several times to reorient yourself and to release some of the work day stress you are feeling.

Go For A Walk

Not always possible because we know you have to be at your desk getting things done, but there are certainly ways to get more steps into your day. For one, take the stairs whenever possible, park farther from the doors, walk to the restroom on the other side of the building, or fill up your water bottle often. By getting up and getting your blood pumping just a bit more, you will feel more refreshed and able to focus.

Neck Massage

You can give yourself a pretty decent neck massage when you need it. Simply place your hands over your shoulders and press into the muscles surrounding your neck and firmly, but gently, work your way up your neck. Permit yourself five minutes to massage and relax your neck and shoulders before getting back to work.

Reward Yourself With Something Tasty

Keeping a treat or two in your desk for those really stressful days can be a great idea. Indulge in a piece of dark chocolate or a small candy for some stress relief that doesn’t sabotage your diet. Sit back and enjoy the taste of your treat before re-focusing and getting back into the grind of the day.

Spoil Yourself: Office Chair Options

When you think of spoiling yourself or doing something nice for yourself, you probably think about the short term things that will make you happy. Maybe you decide to take yourself out to dinner, go out for drinks with some friends, get your nails or hair done, or maybe you finally buy yourself that one thing you have been eyeing for quite some time. These are all great things and we agree you should do things to make yourself happy, but we have a great option that will reward you and spoil you a lot longer than those nails are going to last. Take the time to find the perfect, ergonomic office chair for yourself.

Think about it, every day that you sit in that chair and every day that you go home without feeling sore or nursing an aching back, that ergonomic office chair is going to spoil you. Day in and day out, your new office chair will make a difference in your life. It is time to spoil yourself in all the right ways that keep on giving.

Our selection of office chairs here at Direct Office Chairs will astound you. The colors, sizes, custom options, and low prices are worth taking a look at. We are sure you will find the right chair for you and that you will be supported in all the right ways, making that office job just a bit more comfortable.

Not only comfortable, our office chairs have been researched and designed with the human body in mind. Your body is an incredible working organism that never fully stops doing its thing. Don’t you think it is about time that you made things just a bit easier for it? Having an ergonomic office chair is vital to your spine health, especially as you get older. Your spine is incredibly important to your overall health, ability to move, and daily happiness, so it is about time you gave your spine the support and love that it needs. These chairs have been crafted to help you sit correctly to avoid damaging nerves and your spine. That kind of damage creates pain and other problems that you will have to deal with for who knows how long.

Save yourself the back pain, neck pain, and frequent headaches by purchasing a high quality, ergonomic, and comfortable office chair today! Our selection is just waiting for you to browse through it to find the perfect chair! Remember, sometimes it is ok to spoil yourself!

Starting The New Year Off Right At Work

When it comes to new beginnings, the new years usually takes the cake for everyone to make new resolutions, set goals, and try to make changes they feel are necessary in their lives. Some of the most common, of course, are changes in diet, lifestyle, activity levels, and looks. Not all resolutions and goals are met, and a lot of the fire and dedication wears off a few months into the new year because old habits are hard to break and new ones are hard to form. So why not take some action that will actually rejuvenate your entire 2018?

Setting yourself up for success and happiness at work can seem challenging or maybe impossible to those that work desk jobs or are tired of the office politics, but there are a few steps you can take to make work just a little bit better this year.

For starters, take the time to re-organize everything. Go through paperwork, piles of folders, anything that has stacked up and needs some help to get organized. File away the important documents you need to keep and dispose of things you no longer need. Taking time to prepare for the new year in this way will help you feel better about your office and maybe even about your work.

Another great way to spice up your new year in the office is to rearrange your furniture. Changing your environment sporadically will help you to avoid those ruts that we all fall into so regularly when things are rather repetitive. If possible, and you want to, consider getting new furniture as well! Get a cute shelf and a nice plant to brighten things up.

One of the best things you can do for yourself this year is to find a high quality, ergonomic office chair to replace your old chair that causes you back pain and does not properly support your spine. You can eliminate so much pain and reduce the time you spend nursing an aching back this year, and that sounds like a pretty good way to make your new year more successful and enjoyable! This simple change in your office is sure to make each and every day a little bit better and a little bit more comfortable. Don’t waste any more time in a low quality chair! Check out our selection here at Direct Office Chairs! We even have big and tall chairs to make sure all our customers are well taken care of with a chair that fits them and their needs!

New Year’s Resolutions: Office Edition

As tradition holds, most people take the time to make new goals and resolutions they want to uphold during the next year of their life. These resolutions can be small or simple things or things that may take up nearly the entire year to accomplish or finish. While the personal goals and resolutions we can’t help you with, those that are a part of the office world we do have a few ideas to help your new year be more productive and happy at work.

New Year’s Cleaning

As the new year approaches, it is a great time to clean out the trash and unneeded items that have accumulated in and around your desk during the last year. Go through the stacks of paper that you have kept ‘just in case’ and see what you really need to have on hand and what you don’t need anymore. Recycle the papers and items that you need to get rid of, taking extra care to shred any documents that have sensitive information on them.

Refresh Your Furniture

The new years is a great time to upgrade your office furniture to an ergonomic chair and desk! Our selection of high quality office chairs is a great place to start your search for the right office chair for you! Not only do we have a great selection of ergonomic office chairs, we also have an appropriate selection for those that are looking for chairs in the big and tall category.

It could be a great time to try a new desk if your current desk doesn’t allow you to sit at the appropriate position for typing and desk work. You want to have furniture that allows you to be comfortable while at work to avoid strain and stress on your body.

Outfit Makeovers

Another great thing about the new year is that it gives you a great excuse to revamp your closet on all those after Christmas sales! When you look good and feel good in new clothes that are appropriately fitted, you can feel more confident in yourself and your abilities. This can give you a new edge at work and in your personal life, so hit those sales and don’t feel bad about it one bit!

Get Organized

Start off the new year by re-organizing your office and getting yourself set up for success with all the new office gadgets and organizing items for your office and desk. Check out our blog next week to see some of our favorite desk accessories for 2018.

Office White Elephant Etiquette And Gift Ideas

As the season progresses, white elephant parties are all the rage at many events, and a regular for office Christmas or holiday parties. So what should you know before you show up to this party? We put together a few tips and ideas to help you not be the odd man out or the one that makes the party seem less festive. Read below to find our best tips!

Stay in the agreed upon price range.

There is a very good reason that there is a specified price range when it comes to doing a white elephant gift exchange. It is really awkward when one person gets a ten dollar item and someone else gets a fifty dollar item because someone didn’t read the memo. Avoid being ‘that person’ and make sure you read the memo.

Know what is expected.

There are kind of two different white elephant gift exchanges that are popular. One, everyone gets a sort of gag gift that is more funny than it is an actual gift. The second, everyone brings a nice item that the recipient will enjoy. Once again, make sure you take the time to know what kind of a white elephant the office party is going to be!

Play the game and be a good sport.

One of the fastest ways to ruin a festive party is to throw a fit because you didn’t get the gift you wanted. It is sad that this one has to be on the list but there always seems to be someone who just can’t accept they didn’t get what they wanted. Play the game, whether that means everyone just opens a gift or there is stealing involved. Keep a merry spirit even if the gift you wanted gets stolen! It is about having fun and building relationships, not about what you actually get.

Be creative with your gift.

Sometimes the price range feels like it is impossible to get a ‘good’ gift with, but there are so many great gift ideas available! Think outside the box and even do a good, quick internet search if you have no ideas. Plants are a fun option, maybe a grow your own cactus kit! Venus fly traps are also really fun ideas that are available for not too much. Beard care kits, cool electronic bugs, or maybe a head massager for the stressed out work bunch! Whatever you get, make sure it is something you wouldn’t mind taking back home with you. If you would like it, theres a good chance someone else at the office won’t mind taking it home either!

Ways To Keep Warm In Your Freezing Office

Are you one of the many people that work in an office building that can’t seem to figure out how to keep it above freezing in the winter? Being cold is hardly ever a fun thing, and it certainly doesn’t make work any better. If you can relate to this kind of a thing, or you are just one of those people that is always cold, we put together a few simple ideas to help you stay warm in your office this season! Read on to discover some great ideas!

Dress Strategically

Staying warm in the office begins before you leave your house. Take the time to layer up so you can stay toasty all day. Layers help trap in body heat so you do not get cold so easily. It is also a great idea to use layers so if you do get a bit warm, you can simply remove a layer without being indecent.

Move Around

Yep, this one is simple and everyone can do it! Take a few minutes every once in a while to get up and do a quick walk. Go fill up your water bottle, walk to the bathroom that is one floor away, or just do a few stretches right at your desk to get your blood flowing. This helps increase your core body temperature which helps you feel warmer! Bonus points because you are getting in some extra exercise and it is a free way to keep warm!

Hot Food And Drinks

Another simple way to help you stay warm in a cold office is to bring food from home that needs to be heated up. When you consume a hot meal, it helps you shake any chills you may have. To save money you can bring meals from home, or take a few minutes and purchase a hot meal from a restaurant nearby on your lunch break. If you do not want to bring in food or have a hot meal, you can always resort to a nice hot cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or chai tea to warm you up!

Heating Pads Or Slippers

For real, there are seat cushions for office chairs that warm up and keep you toasty, and there are really heated slippers, too! There are slippers available that are a USB plugin, and cushions that have a regular plugin. Both are great options for a cold office! Just make sure you change out of your slippers before heading to meet with your boss or other coworkers for that big meeting! There is even such a thing as a heated keyboard if you really want to get toasty!

Cut The Slouch: Save Your Body

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is for people to sit with the proper posture. Especially those people that do a lot of sitting. Sitting incorrectly can cause all sorts of problems for people, the least of that list being back pain. Do you want to deal with pain every day because you can’t remember to sit up straight? No, you most likely do not want to be in pain every day. If you do, continue slouching. Those that want to end their back pain problems, keep reading to find out what you need to do as this is a problem with a simple fix. Because of that, it doesn’t need to be a problem at all.

Most people that work at computers tend to lean forward towards the monitor which adds extra stress and pressure on the back, spine, neck, and shoulders. Even one inch forward adds up to ten extra pounds of pressure on your body and your spine. Think about all that extra pressure you are putting your body through dealing with for however many hours a day. No wonder you are sore and getting headaches.

Headaches are one of the most common consequences of not sitting up correctly. All the extra stress and pressure that you were putting on those muscles all day make them extra tired and overused. When you relieve that pressure at the end of the day, the muscles can spasm and this can bring about some pretty nasty and painful tension headaches.

Sitting improperly, with your head forward toward your monitor or whatever you are working on makes it so your spine isn’t aligned properly. This can also cause your jaw to be out of place. Your lower jaw will be pushed forward slightly, making your upper and lower teeth to not fit together as they should. This causes extra stress and pressure on your jaw muscles. Trust me, you don’t want to mess with how your jaw works. Jaw pain takes over your life and impedes all sorts of daily living activities from eating to sleeping to smiling.

Take the time to learn about how to sit with proper alignment. Your body will feel so much better if you take the time to practice it and for it to become a habit. Even better, put in the time to find an appropriate office chair to use that supports your spine appropriately to relieve stress and pressure. Our selection here at Direct Office Chairs is a great place to start if you are looking for high quality and affordable prices.

3 Exercises To Help You Get Better Posture

There are so many people that sit for the better portion of their days either at work, a home office, during meals, watching tv, and various other activities. Despite our knowledge of how hard this is for our bodies, many people are so unhappy or stressed out they struggle to have the energy to get out and about. This is unfortunate, because it is strongly supported that exercise boosts our happiness levels. So, since we are all sitting so much, we wanted to help you out by giving you some insight into a few exercises that will help you sit upright and minimize the damage that excessive sitting does to the human body.

Having an ergonomic and well-made office chair for much of the time you spend sitting down will be very helpful and reduce the amount of aches and pains you have, they don’t help a lot if you continue to slouch and you do not utilize the support. Try these exercises to help you out!

Relax your spine.

Do this by laying on your back, on the floor with your feet pulled in enough that your knees are comfortably bent. Place a rolled towel under your head, just high enough to support your neck. Stay in this position for 10 to 15 minutes and just allow your body to relax. You will feel your spine begin to release tension and lengthen out.

Practice standing up straight.

Yes, really, this will be harder than you think. While we aren’t recommending that you get strapped to a backboard, there are some benefits to practicing standing up straight. To do this, find a wall where you can stand against it without anything in the way. Line your feet, back, and the back of your head against the wall. Stay here for another 10 or 15 minutes. This will help your body remember what it feels like to stand up truly straight.

Leg and arm extensions.

This one you do by getting down on all fours on the floor. Equal out your weight to each of your hands and your knees. Pull your abs in to straighten out your back. Slowly extend one hand and the opposite leg parallel to the floor. Alternate hands and legs. Do as many as you can, maybe starting with ten or so.

Try to fit these exercises in with your regular exercise routine, or start building your routine with these simple exercises. Your body is going to thank you.

Features Of A Great Office Chair

Because you don’t want this to happen to you, too.

When you are looking for an office chair whether you will be using it at work or at home, you want to take the time to find the perfect one before you make such a large purchase. While our chairs are priced with affordability and quality in mind, you still want to find the best one for you before you spend money. A good office chair is an investment in your health and wellness. Having the right office chair can make the difference between aching muscles and joints and feeling good. We understand all this well so we put together a short list of some of the best qualities to look for in an office chair.

Ergonomic in design and quality.

Choosing the proper chair that is designed in an ergonomic manner is the number one thing to look for when browsing for a new office chair. Finding a high quality chair that supports you in all the right places and is comfortable for your body type is vital to your health and how you feel. We all have heard about how sitting for long periods of time on a regular basis is not good for you. Desk jobs can make that hard to get around, so finding a chair that appropriately supports you when you are sitting can make a huge difference.

Find a chair with a five-point tip base.

Chairs that have a five-point tip base are going to help make sure that you don’t tip over when you recline to rest your head and neck. This is important because when you recline in a chair that tips over easily, you may end up with an injury or two, or some bruising. Finding this more supportive and stable base is important for allowing you to sit back and rest after working for a long time at a desk.

Adjustability and movability are vital.

A good office chair will allow the owner to adjust the chair to fit their body, their desk, and their activities. Find a chair that allows for vertical adjustment to make sure your legs will be supported properly and you won’t be hunched up or unable to touch the floor. Most chairs allow for side to side movement as well, which helps you keep from twisting into unnatural positions to reach that something or other that is just out of your reach. Along those same lines, it is also a good idea to choose a chair that has stable and user-friendly wheels because it allows you to move about more easily in your office.

Tips For An Easier Cleanup After Holiday Parties At Work

It is that time of the year where the seasons are changing and the holidays are approaching. Many companies and offices teams decorate for the holidays which sends a warm and welcoming message to customers and makes coming to work near the holidays a little less painful. Decorating the office and lobby area can be a breeze. Make it festive but not crowded, and try to dust and clean as you go about decorating so that your decorations shine!

There are a lot of businesses out there that not only decorate for the holidays, but also like to throw an employee party or maybe even an open house for customers, as well. This can be a big task when you are trying to organize a party for a large number of people. Not only do you have to have the decorations, and send out the invites (this can be pretty easy just using work email!), and then get all the food and fun ready for the actual event. While this part is typically fun, if a little stressful for some, what people don’t often think about is the cleaning up after, until they are standing there looking at the mess.

We are here to help you out. Cleaning up after a holiday party at work doesn’t have to be a huge deal with just a bit of planning in advance. Plus, if you have great employees or someone helping with the event, you won’t have to do it alone anyways.

First, make sure that you have plenty of trashcans available in the area of the party. You want them out of the way, but easy for guests to find them. This cuts down on people just leaving their trash around on tables or furniture because they couldn’t find a trashcan. You also want to make sure they are equipped with tough liners that won’t fall in when people dump their plants and cups in them.

Another hugely helpful tip is to make sure the restrooms your guests will be using are well stocked and there is plenty of trashcans available for the paper towels and things that will be thrown away in there. It is so frustrating to go into a restroom after a party and find paper towels and trash all over because the trashcans were overflowing.

Make sure you will have all the cleaning supplies necessary for after the party at the ready as well. This cuts down on how long it will take to clean up. Designate some people to help with the cleanup and give them some jobs to make things go quickly. If you don’t want to be responsible for all the cleanup you can also consider using a janitorial service.