Tips To Designing A Small Office Space

Not every house has enough extra rooms and extra space to develop a large area into the home office that you were thinking about. Home offices are one of those things that people tend to think they need a lot of room for, and if you are meeting clients and things, that may be true. Other than that, you can pretty much work in or fit a small office place in the unused areas of your home! You would be surprised what you can do with corners or the space under your stairs! Utilizing unused spaces or finding furniture that has more than one use can be the key to having your cake and eating it, too.

Choose A Nice Place

The first step in making your small home office is finding the right spot for it. Corners of the owner’s suite are a great place to squeeze in a little work space or the area under the stairs. Unused closets can also be an opportunity for building a small but nice workspace that is out of the way. Open walls are another great option as there are many small and skinny desks you can work with. Many desks can also function as shelving which makes your space twice as useful.

Choose Your Furniture/Build Your Desk

You can decide to go shopping for the perfect sized desk to fit into your small work station or you can build one yourself! Floating shelves can be a particularly useful option for some of the really small areas. Install the shelf securely and find the perfect desk chair to keep your spine supported and your body comfortable.

Decorate Your Space

Once you have all the work done and your shelves installed or your desk in place, you get to do the fun part of decorating your little office space. A great option is to use cute or fancy bulletin boards, whiteboards, or calendars to decorate your area because they are not only decoration, but they are also functional. Write notes and reminders or pin up the important mail you get, all on the cute things you purchase for your small office space.

Be creative in your search for your office space, even tiny homes or apartments offer some space for a workspace. If you are really having trouble finding the space, consider making a fold down table that can be used as desk space for homework or work. Once you are done with it, up and away it goes. Have fun designing your new office space and have fun decorating! You are sure to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Matching Chair to User

If you were to ask a craftsman what the best tool is, his likely response would be “for what?”. Just as the selection of a tool is contingent upon the task to be performed, selecting a chair should be done with the task to be accomplished and user in mind. If you are working on a computer, you will likely be adopting a different posture than if you are poring over physical documents. Secondarily, selecting a chair which complements your particular physical peculiarities will help you to remain comfortable and healthy regardless of the task at hand.

Most products are designed for users who fit between the 5th and 95th percentile. If you are outside of these percentiles, care should be taken to ensure that your chair will be safe for you to use. For example, a woman who is beneath or near the 5th percentile for height will be unlikely to fit properly in most chairs, even once they are adjusted.  A seat which is too deep or high can cause circulatory problems in the legs. While ideally a chair which fits properly will be employed, short term fixes could include a foot or back rest which decreases the effective height and depth of the seat.

Additionally, seat width can be a problem.  Armrests which are too wide mean that the occupant of a seat will be denied the benefits of proper support. Arm rests are an integral part of proper back, head, and neck support, so even if the rest of the chair is adequate for the user and task, improperly spaced armrests can be a deal breaker.

On the other side of the spectrum, tall or heavier people will need to find chairs which match their own unique set of physical circumstances. Aside from the obvious need for their chairs to be able to support their weight, those who are taller are also at greater risk for back pain. Circulatory problems can also abound, as limbs far from the heart present a greater vascular challenge. Taller people should ensure that their chairs elevate them far enough from the ground that their knees are not bent over 90 degrees. Additionally, ensure that the arm rests are positioned in places which reflect the additional wingspan of larger individuals.

Taking the time to ensure that your chair matches your body is a surprisingly uncommon undertaking. Many people think that all chairs are simply uncomfortable, when in reality, they have just not found a chair that is right for them.

The Support You Need: Qualities Of An Excellent Office Chair

It really can’t be stressed enough. You need to find the right office chair for you that fits you. Doing this will help you feel better, have less aches and pains, and even be more productive. Sitting down all day is hard on your body and not having the right support will make it even worse. Slouching or holding your body in unnatural positions adds strain on your muscles and bones that can lead to chronic pain in all parts of your body. When you are looking for your office chair there are a few things that you should consider to make sure you are getting what you need.

The first thing you need to make sure the chair is capable of providing, is support. Ergonomic chairs are being made and improved all the time. This is because their importance has been recognized in helping keep office workers healthy, happy, and pain free. Check to make sure that the chair you are looking at has an adjustable back to fit your height and spine correctly. A back that reclines also offers many benefits to keeping you feeling your best. Along with this idea, make sure the seat height is adjustable to accommodate your legs and knees at the appropriate height.

Another very important thing to consider when purchasing an office chair is if the chair provides lumbar support. If not, you may begin to feel the effects of sitting all day and begin to slouch. Make sure the lumbar support is adjustable to maximize its effectiveness.

Armrests are not optional! Having arm rests can be a huge relief when you are sitting in your chair all day. These provide some support and give you something to do with your hands. Keeping your arms close to your body is suggested to help you prevent additional strain when sitting for long periods. Armrests help you naturally do this and increase how comfortable you are throughout the day.

You may not have considered this, but checking the quality of the wheels on the chair you are going to buy is a must. Having a chair with bad wheels is more trouble than it is worth. Wheels help you move about your desk without overreaching and straining your muscles.

Ergonomic office chairs are an investment in your health. Doing some research and talking to experts is a great way to help you understand what to look for in your new chair. Do yourself a favor and take the time to check out the best options.

Snacking Habits At Work

Mindless snacking or eating refers to the times where you are around food and you just eat without even thinking about it. This is really easy to do while watching movies or when you are at a party and just killing time before you can go home. Another bad place for mindless eating or snacking a lot, is at work. If you are sitting at your desk typing away for most of the day or doing other desk work, it can be tempting to have a bag of chips handy or another snack item close by.

The easiest way to put a stop to all this extra calorie intake that you aren’t even really enjoying because you aren’t being mindful of what you are putting in your mouth, is to avoid having snacks near you during the day. It is also a good idea to not have snacks while watching movies and other activities as well if you are watching your figure. It is way too easy to eat multiple servings before you even realize what is happening.

Instead of bringing unhealthy snacks or stashing large amounts of them in your desk drawers, try measuring out your snacks and leaving the rest at home. Another tip for keeping yourself healthy and not eating your calorie limit by lunch time is to have only healthy snacks on hand instead of junk food. Toss out the chips and chocolate, although they are ok to have every once in awhile, and reach for some fruit or vegetables.

In all reality, most of us do not eat enough vegetables or fruit in our day. There are many days that people go without touching a fruit and some days they miss out on almost all their servings of vegetables, unless that lettuce and tomato on the double cheeseburger at lunch counts.

You work hard to keep yourself healthy and you take in consideration how sitting can be hard on your body, so you purchase an ergonomic chair to properly support your spine. You recognize the importance of water and hydration so you keep a water bottle on hand, but you forget how important the food you eat is.

Cut down on excess snacking by only bringing enough snacks for a mid-morning snack and a late afternoon snack. Having small, healthy and filling snacks at these times can help you avoid overeating at meals. Try bringing vegetables such as sliced cucumbers, carrots, a small salad, or bringing some almonds to munch on. Fruit is a great snack, but try to stay away from package fruit pieces as these can be filled with preservatives and added sugars. Try instead for a fresh orange or apple.

Sophisticated And Modern Offices

The world as we know it is changing every single day, maybe even every second. The world of office work hasn’t escaped this element of life and we are seeing some huge improvements in design, office quality and color schemes. As the studies about employee productivity and happiness come out that explain the correlation between the two, as well as ways to increase both, employers and bosses have started taking note. Happier employees means increased efficiency and productivity! To the people in charge that means more profit.

Some of the new waves that are about to hit the office arena include adaptive furniture that can change with the demands of the office with time, open work spaces that allow collaboration, and brightening up the old space with color and nature. Designing an area that is open and versatile is key to allowing a business and office space to change and grow to meet needs and incorporate new ideas and people. It can also give off a more united feel than when employees are filed away into small cubicles.  

Furniture is a huge part of what makes an office space feel comfortable, friendly, and professional. Choosing comfortable furniture pieces that are supportive and useful is a must for any remodeling of an office. Pieces that are modular or easy to move and rearrange are a huge benefit because it allows the office to change and adapt to what it needs in the future. Using ergonomic furniture for employees is on the rise, sit-stand desks are on the rise as well which encourage employees to avoid the negative consequences of sitting all day.

Incorporating technology into the office is one of the most impressive trends we are going to see in offices this year and in the next few. Wireless charging stations, an adequate amount of plugins for laptops and other devices, as well as interactive presentation technology. Taking advantage of the best available products and technology can do a lot for boosting morale and productivity.

Color schemes and nature are another category where there is going to be a lot of growth. Companies are beginning to realize they don’t need to have boring white walls in every room. Colors can have a large impact on how people feel and choosing soothing and soft colors to put people at ease can do a lot for the office atmosphere. Adding some plants and otherwise introducing nature to the office can do the same. Naturally clean the air and give off more positive vibes when you or your office uses plants for decoration.

Brighten Up Work With Indoor Plants

For many people, there is a call to nature that we feel. We enjoy exploring the great outdoors or viewing it from our balconies at least. For those that don’t particularly enjoy being immersed in nature fully, there are always trust indoor plants that brighten up a space and enhance the air quality and provide other health benefits. Working an office job as summer approaches can seem frustrating because you are indoors while the nice weather is steps away. Don’t worry, there is something you can do! Purchase indoor plants, preferably ones that are hardy and don’t require constant care, and place them around your office.

There is such a large selection of plants that do very well inside and under florescent lights to boot. By browsing some of the collections available at home improvement stores or nurseries, you are sure to find some that you enjoy the look of. If you find one that you absolutely love and are having trouble finding it in person, there are many online shipping options for you to purchase your favorites. Bringing some nature inside with you can help relieve stress and can filter the air. By removing pollutants and filtering out carbon dioxide, plants will help keep people in the office happier and healthier.

Not only this, but plants are a great way to decorate your office space on a budget and are perfect for hiding or disguising areas that aren’t the most appealing. If you have a corner of the office that is plain and just seems useless, try a hanging basket with a creeping plant in it. The tendrils will cascade down from the basket and camouflage the area. If you are simply looking for a beautiful focal point, there are numerous stunning plants of varying sizes for you to consider!

Many indoor plants come with helpful tips on the care of the plant and if you follow the instructions you should do fine in keeping the plant alive and healthy! Even if you are concerned about your ability to keep a plant alive, there are plenty of plants that are a good fit for you. If all else fails you can at least try a cute little cactus. These are very hard to kill and still look adorable and brighten up the area you are spending your time in. You will, however, want to be particularly careful where you place a prickly cactus so as to avoid anyone getting pricked on it!

Tips To Keep Cool In The Office

There are a few reasons it is important to put some thought into how you are going to stay cool at work in your office where maybe there aren’t windows, the air conditioner doesn’t work very well, or you just naturally feel warm most of the time. For one, being uncomfortable and hot at work doesn’t lead to productivity and it is, well, uncomfortable. Plus, no one wants to look like a sweaty mess during the work day and earn those unpleasant nicknames. Have no fear, we are here to give you some good ideas to help you stay cool and dry at work!

Rotate Your Wardrobe

Yes, you need a separate wardrobe for the hotter summer months than the cold winter months. Wearing the right types of fabric during the right seasons is a huge part of staying warm enough or cool enough. During the hot summer months you should be wearing lighter fabrics that are breathable and moisture wicking. Try soft cottons or linens to help you keep cool during the summer.

Lighter Colors

Another important and often overlooked change you should be making in the summer is to wear lighter colors. These colors reflect light and help keep you a lot cooler out under the sun than the black and other dark colors you have. If you find yourself outside much during the day, walking from building to building or take a walking lunch, make sure to dress yourself in light colors.

Find A Small Fan

Fans are a wonderful invention and they come in all sizes and fit in any budget. If you find yourself sweltering at work, find a small, portable desk fan to use during the day. Simply position it towards you and enjoy a small breeze while you work. Make sure you choose one that is quiet enough it won’t distract others.

Choose The Right Office Chair

This is something most people don’t think about but if you have ever sat on leather in shorts or a skirt on a hot day, you know it is not fun. Leather and thick materials are going to keep your body heat from escaping and make sure that you stay even more toasty. Mesh office chairs are a huge benefit to those that work in an office during the hot summer months. The mesh allows airflow to your body and that means you will stay cooler.

Importance of An Ergonomic Chair For A Healthy Spine

Office work can leave your body feeling strained and exhausted, particularly when you are not supporting your spine correctly. Not sitting up straight with the proper support of an ergonomic office chair and the correct posture can wreck havoc on your back and neck. Computer work can be very consuming, so much that many people unconsciously learn forward towards their monitor while working, offsetting the muscles that work together to keep your body sitting correctly. This strains your back even more, which you are going to feel later.

It is very important to understand and use proper posturing techniques during the day at the office and also invest in an office chair that properly aligns and supports your lower back. Many people actually sit on the front edge of their chair when using a computer, which doesn’t allow for any support for your lower back and spine. Using the right type of support for your back can relieve a lot of the stress and strain that it may feel otherwise, when not using an ergonomic chair or not having good posture.

Your spine is an incredibly important part of your body as it is the highway of nerves that connect your brain to all the other parts of your body. Protecting your spine and keeping it properly supported and positioned is in your best interest when considering keeping your body in good working order, and alleviating unnecessary pain and aching.

Choosing the best office chair that is tailored to your body in size and support is vital in keeping your back and spine healthy. Find a chair that is comfortable and fits your body. A chair that supports the natural curve of your spine and that allows you to rest your elbows on the armrests while they are close to your body at about a ninety degree angle is best. Keep your keyboard close enough that you don’t have to reach or lean out to use it. Keep the monitor at eye level to avoid straining your neck and upper back.

Do some research on ergonomic office chairs and try some out for yourself to find the perfect fit. Once you have one, don’t forget to use it properly and sit back into the chair to allow it to support your spine. Call Direct Office Chairs with any questions or concerns you have, we are always happy to help you find the right chair that will keep you feeling your best!

How To Improve Circulation When Sitting For Long Periods

If you want to stress yourself out and feel like you are going to die in the near future, google all the bad things that happen to your body when you sit frequently and for long periods of time. Just kidding, don’t do that, instead, focus on what you can do to improve your health even if you have a job that means sitting for hours and hours a day. One such thing to be aware of when you are working a desk job, or just find yourself sitting at a computer or for some other reason every day, is the impact sitting can have on your circulation. Your legs can be particularly affected because they are farther from your heart and are not doing anything that requires your heart to pump blood to them.

Poor circulation can cause some unfortunate and painful side effects that we all will want to avoid. Swollen legs or ankles from fluid pooling in the legs, you may develop varicose veins, or may even have a blood clot beginning to form. Blood clots are particularly dangerous because of their ability to move around and block blood flow to important areas of the body.

So how can you avoid developing all these terrible side effects of sitting for long periods of time? The good news is there are many little things you can do to encourage blood flow and proper circulation and keep your body in better health.

The first thing you should remember is to get up and move around for at least ten minutes every hour. By moving around you get your heart pumping and sending blood to all your limbs, including your legs. This can improve your health significantly when done regularly as you are encouraging proper circulation and engaging your muscles more often.

Another important thing to help ensure that your body can circulate blood more easily while sitting is to have a high quality, supportive, and ergonomic chair that is adjustable just for you. Having a chair that supports you and helps you maintain better posture throughout the day keeps your blood flowing more appropriately than if you are slumped over, your legs don’t reach the ground, or your chair is too short.
Sit with your feet resting on the ground in a chair that is wide enough to allow your thighs to not be pinched together. Do not sit at a desk that your thighs don’t fit under comfortably, and don’t sit in a chair where your thighs are not parallel to the ground. Doing these things adds to the restrictions on the blood flow to your legs. Avoid crossing your legs for long periods of time as well as this can contribute to the development of varicose veins, as well.

Keys For Organization

The work day can get a bit hectic with papers coming in and out, emails popping up on your monitor, and the phone ringing off the hook. Not to mention the countless sticky notes, picture frames, and other desk accessories you have hanging about. While this may be the state your desk is in normally, there are some good reasons to put some effort into organizing it including increased efficiency, reduced stress, and having a clean and tidy work area just feels good. To get you started on your organizational journey, you can check out some of the tips listed here!


Make Use Of Desk Organizational Items

There are so many options for things to organize your desk these days, from pencil holders, paper trays, to sticky note dispensers and business card holders. The key when deciding what to get is to evaluate what you need. Things that keep daily used items at arm’s length are great options for your desktop. Don’t get carried away with the cuteness of these items and go overboard, the idea is to clean up clutter, not add to it.


Use Lists And Finish One Thing At A Time

It is easy to get backed up with different projects and work items, they seem to just flow in and then things are left half done. This adds to the mess of your desk and to the stress on your mind. One great way to keep organized is to have one central location or list of things that need doing. Do your best to finish one task at a time to cut back on the pile up.


Keep A Trash Can Near By

It is important to place the trash can you use close enough to where you sit at your desk that you can use it. This will make it easier to dispose of items that you do not need instead of piling them up and saying you will take care of them later. Instead of setting trash down on your desk, make a habit of throwing it out right then and there.


Limit Unnecessary Clutter

Most of us bring unnecessary items to work with us. Having a picture or two to remind you of home and loved ones is great, but don’t let them start taking over your desk. Sweet little reminders are great, just remember you are at work, not home. Desk corners and under the desk are often spots the clutter winds up in. Set up a schedule to clean up your desk on a regular basis.