Are you Utilizing Your Office Space Correctly?

Office Space

Office Space

When your work station or office space is comfortable, it helps you to be more productive at work. In fact, this is the best time for you to get things done. Some companies provide their workers with a standing desk also that can be adjusted. Office chairs are also another important aspect of the workstation and the adjustable office chair can be your new best friend. Not all employees will have the same weight and height. For that reason, it is important to have the option to adjust both office desk and office chair to fit your office space.

The Right One

Having the right office chair and desk will ensure that you don’t have back problems or tension in your shoulders. It will also improve your posture. There are no specific measurements to sitting in a chair. So, when you have an adjustable chair, it makes life so much easier where you can get it to fit your own comfort. For that reason, an ergonomic office chair is the most ideal option to create an ergonomic office space. Let’s take a closer look.

Computer Monitor

Generally, your computer monitor should be placed at arm’s length. You don’t want to strain your eyes looking at a computer up close and all day long. When it is too close to you, you may have to round your shoulders. You may even have to bend your back to see the monitor. Keep phones and other objects close so leaning and reaching can be kept at a minimum. If you have to grab something out of reach, it is best to stand up. In your office space, be sure to maintain the distance from your office chair to your desk at all times.


Select an office chair that adequately supports the curvature of the spine and the lower region. Adjust the height so that your thighs fit parallel to the floor while seated. This allows the blood to flow freely through the legs while you are seated in your office chair and it keeps you more comfortable in your office space.

Keyboard and Mouse

Place your computer mouse in a position where it is easy to reach. It should be on the same surface as your computer keyboard. Position your wrists straight while typing and using your computer mouse. Keep the elbow close to your side. For added comfort, adjust the mouse setting so that with a light touch, it will respond.

The Telephone


If your office phone is used regularly, then it may be best to have a headset instead of cradling the phone between your ears and shoulder. This will only serve to adversely attack your posture in the long run.

Office Desk

Be sure that your office desk is not cluttered and that it has enough room underneath to fit your legs. If your desk is cramped, it will eventually affect your health. You could go a step further and get a foot rest for your office space.


An ergonomic office chair is able to make your working life a whole lot better. It will also make your work office space more comfortable. Use fewer accessories and keep everything to the minimum basics.

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