The Benefits of a Fabric Office Chair

fabric chair yhst-10258600314819_2268_188692284Used to construct clothing, upholster sofas, and line the interior of cars, fabric material is perhaps the most ubiquitous type available. Thus, it isn’t a big surprise that a standard fabric office chair is what most people envision when they think of the workplace.

Especially if you’re looking to purchase new employee seating or a nice home office chair within a tight budget, getting the most bang for your buck is important.

A continuation from our earlier posts discussing the pros of mesh and leather desk chairs, here are some of the top benefits of having a fabric office chair.

Easy to Find

Whether made from cotton, linen, or a blend of synthetic material, fabric office chairs are extremely common. Unlike leather or mesh, which can be more difficult to track down, fabric upholstered chairs can be easily found both in physical retail stores and online.

As a result, choosing a fabric chair that suits your office’s design scheme is often a pretty low stress situation.

Variety of Choices

In addition to being easy to find, fabric desk chairs offer a variety of choices. From a wide range of colors, material types, and assortment of patterns, finding the perfect match is quite simple with fabric upholstery. In comparison, your typical mesh and leather chairs have a much more limited color palette as they often only come in black, brown, and white.

Especially if you want a certain material (such as velvet or corduroy) or a custom color (like your company’s unique shade of red), fabric is the way to go.

Basic Upkeep

Like any piece of furniture, fabric office chairs do require some maintenance. However, while the amount of upkeep required largely depends on the material type, most fabric chairs only need spot treatment and periodic cleaning.

Unlike leather chairs that need special cleaners and conditioners, cloth office chairs typically require much less tender loving care. Furthermore, if they are made from a commercial grade fabric, they are usually stain resistant and can also be scotch guarded to reduce the overall amount of effort needed.

Economically Priced

Compared to even the most basic types of leather or mesh office chairs, fabric upholstered chairs are frequently much less expensive. After all, they are so common precisely because they provide good seating without breaking the bank.

Particularly if you need a decent office chair but are working within a small budget, going with a fabric chair usually results in a great investment for a low price.

Tactile Comfort

While leather office chairs are often touted for being the most fancy, their luxurious upholstery also comes with drawbacks. For example, they can get sticky in the summer, chilly in the winter, and just distracting thanks to how sitters end up sliding around. Similarly, mesh chairs are often minimalistic and can feel rigid and uncomfortable.

In comparison, fabric chairs are often pleasing to the touch and comfy to sit in. After all, while it depends on the type of material specifically, most fabric office chairs feel like a comfortable cotton t-shirt and tend to be well padded.

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