The Benefits of a Leather Office Chair

yhst-10258600314819_2268_143845179From luxury cars to CEO offices and executive meeting rooms, leather upholstery is what most people envision when it comes high quality seating. In fact, having a leather office chair not only gives off a feeling of wealth and prestige, but is also associated with great physical comfort. While often their appearance is enough to make people want to buy them, leather office chairs also come with several other benefits.

A companion post to our earlier piece about the benefits of mesh office chairs, here is a basic rundown of why so many people consider leather office chairs well worth their cost.

Visually Impressive

More than any other type of seating, a leather office chair just makes a statement. Especially since the rich leather material is often paired with sleek hardwood or polished metal, it’s not hard to see why leather chairs leave a lasting impression.

Furthermore, well maintained leather tends to develop a patina, or luster, as it matures over time. As a result, a high quality leather office chair will only become more distinctive.

Traditional Style

In addition to just looking good, leather chairs have a very classic aura that allows them to match well to practically every office setup.

Other than their overall appearance, it also helps that leather office chairs can come in a variety of colors to suit personal preference. Neutrals like black and brown are the most common and go well with everything, however, white, red, and other leather colors are also popular.


More than just the nice feel of leather upholstery, leather office chairs are also known for being extremely comfortable to sit in. This can be attributed to three main reasons.

First, leather chairs are typically well padded and generously cushioned. Second, they are often ergonomically designed for ease no matter if you are sitting or leaning back. Lastly, leather is a material that matches body temperature quickly and retains its shape well.

Long Lasting

When compared to plastic or fabric office chairs, it’s not surprising that leather office chairs cost a bit more up front given the type of materials they are made from. However, in terms of a long term investment, many people prefer going for a leather office chair since they are known to be very durable and really give you your money’s worth.

In fact, where other types of chairs become faded and worn down, leather chairs tend to become more valuable over the years if kept in good condition.

Fairly Low Maintenance

To keep them soft and supple, it is best for leather chairs to be rubbed down with a special conditioner every 6 months or so. This does take some diligence; however, what many people overlook is how leather office chairs require minimal effort when it comes to dealing with spills and smells.

Unlike fabric chairs that absorb sweat and odors, leather chairs are naturally resistant to liquids, stains, and unpleasant smells. Thus, leather tends to not only keep that nice leather aroma, but all it takes is a quick wipe down with a dry rag to remedy any spills.

2 thoughts on “The Benefits of a Leather Office Chair

  1. I think it all comes down to personal choice. I always intended to replace our old lounge with a leather one, but the missus said NO. Thinking back now sitting in my leather office chair, which is cold in winter and hot/sweaty/sticky in summer, so I sit on a towel. Fabric if scotch guarded against spills is better.

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