The Benefits of a Mesh Office Chair

office-star-fun-colors-mesh-computer-chair-317w-w1c1f2w-4One of the many types of desk chairs out there, mesh office chairs are very recognizable and have a distinct appearance. In addition, mesh backed chairs are becoming a common sight in the workplace because they excel over standard office chairs in a number of situations.

More modern than fabric or leather but not quite as avant-garde as some plastic or alternative office chairs, mesh chairs are known for being sleek and ergonomic. As a result, they are well worth considering when purchasing a new chair.

Here is a basic rundown of the benefits of having a mesh office chair.


As many people know, sitting in an upholstered or leather chair for too long can lead to an uncomfortably warm, sweaty, or sticky feeling situation. If you often find yourself with the back of your shirt stuck to your chair, going with mesh can be a major relief.

Thanks to the crisscross pattern of the mesh material, mesh office chairs are renowned for their ability to keep their sitter cool, dry, and ventilated while on the job. Especially during those hot summer months, having a mesh chair to sit in can make those long hours of desk work more enjoyable.


In addition to breathability, mesh back chairs are also quite comfortable. Thanks to the flexibility of the mesh material, these office chairs offer stretchy yet supportive backing. Depending on the type you choose, some mesh chairs come with a tension control that allows you to adjust the tautness of the mesh webbing.

Mesh office chairs also tend to be paired with plush seat cushioning, thus providing an ideal combination of softness and durability.

Low Maintenance

When it comes to upkeep, mesh chairs are one of the easiest types to take care of. Unlike leather or fabric chairs that require regular cleaning or conditioning, mesh chairs just need to be wiped down with a damp cloth every once in a while. Mesh screen backing is also very stain resistant, meaning that accidentally spilling your morning coffee isn’t the end of the world.

Furthermore, since mesh chairs ventilate the sitter and don’t absorb sweat, you don’t have to worry about them becoming malodorous like fabric chairs can.

Ergonomic Support

A fairly important feature, mesh office chairs are often more ergonomically sound than your standard straight-backed office chair. Not only does the mesh webbing provide necessary back support, but mesh chairs are often curved in a way that encourages good sitting posture.


Lastly, mesh office chairs are crafted for a sleek appearance and bring a modern look to the average workplace. As a result, many businesses prefer mesh chairs to more traditional chairs because they want to project a professional yet up-to-date image.

Since mesh office chairs are often found in black or grey, some people feel they lack variety. However, while their frames and webbing tend to be standard, mesh office chairs do come in many styles and can have colorful seat cushions.

Especially for work spaces that want to have a contemporary look without being too fashion forward, mesh office chairs can be a perfect match.

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