Boosting Morale with Office Chairs

team-866663_960_720Office morale can be correlated with productivity, efficiency, and even turn over rates for businesses. If employees enjoy working in their office and participate in activities to keep spirits high, they often do better work. Paper work and office proceedings can sometimes be a bit dull and it can begin to show in employees’ attitudes and their level of excitement to come to work. Here is the good news, employers can make a difference by using something that is already in the office! This makes it easy to cultivate a better company culture that people want to be a part of.

What does this have to do with office chairs? Well, I am here to tell you, office chairs can be used for more than just sitting. Office chair Olympics, anyone?

Office Chair Jousting

To play this you do need pool noodles as well as your office chairs. Have two office chairs at opposite ends of the room. Someone sits in each chair and has a partner who will be the pusher of each chair. The person sitting in the chair holds the pool noodle and ‘jousts’ with the other person sitting in the chair as the pusher pushes the chair across the room. Scoring can be personalized to fit the group.

Office Chair Racing

A simple race is one of the oldest competitions in the book. Have everyone line up on one side of the room and designate a finish line across the room from them. One of the easiest ways to race in an office chair is to race backwards. Turn around to face away from the finish line, and use your legs to push yourself across the room. Whoever is fastest, wins.

Office Chair Surfing/Sliding Competitions

Make sure there is plenty of open space when doing this activity. Designate a start line. Employees run to the start line and then jump onto the chair (we suggest on knees or backside to prevent injury) and see how far they make it riding the chair down the hallway. Whoever makes it the furthest is the winner.

Office Chair Spin Competitions

This can be done a few different ways. You can have everyone spin at the same time in their chairs and whoever can spin for the longest amount of time, wins. Another version is having everyone ‘wind up’ and then have someone say “Stop” and everyone rides out their spin. The last person still spinning would be the winner of the round.

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