Buying a Big and Tall Office Chair

Big and Tall Office Chair

Big and Tall Office Chair

There are different facets to purchasing a big and tall office chair than only an exchange of money. An office chair is essential to the productivity among employees. Without the comfort of an office chair, the staff won’t be able to provide the same level of productivity to the employer. Every staff member should have a chair that supports their specific weight and height. In addition, it is important that the office chair also provides the worker with the chance to develop good posture and the appropriate alignment to avoid any workplace injuries.

Seated Right

Many employees are suffering with pain on their jobs because they are not sitting in the right chair. This is especially true if you are carrying more weight and height than the normal person. With the correct office chair, the employee should be able to:

  • Move
  • Bend
  • Reach
  • Turn

As an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure that your staff is working to their fullest capacity, but also doing so in a comfortable manner. So, when you are ready to purchase new office chairs, there are some things to take into consideration in ensuring the best choice is made.

Not the Norm

There are office chairs that carry adjustable features and known as ergonomic office chairs. There are also big and tall office chairs for the person with excess weight and taller than most of your other employees. For them, you should make sure that the office chair comes with features such as:

  • Right tilt
  • Good angle
  • Tension
  • Recline
  • Height

The Seating

The ergonomic or big and tall seating will usually have a control panel that the employer can use to make adjustments to suit their particular needs.

For employees that have to work longer hours, it means that the chair will be heavily used and for this reason, you will need one with a titling and reclining feature to lessen the fatigue on the lower and upper back as well as the neck and arms. Choose one that has additional padding to protect the curve in the spine and one that fosters good circulation in the legs.


In the past, a big and tall office chair was never a product that employers would invest in. However, as times have changed, employers have found that hiring skilled employees means that you have to accommodate their needs. Office seats are part of the package and so employers have to get prepared for the big and tall person and all other hires – as long as they are qualified for the position. It is now time for employers to put their workers at ease and allow them to enjoy working in a comfortable setting.

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