Can The Setting Impact Office Productivity?

Office productivity

Office productivity

If you want to know whether an office setting impacts productivity, the answer would be an absolute yes. If your office is being relocated or renovated, it is important to spend time to consider the type of décor that you will use. An office set up and décor can dictate how much productivity the employer will receive from the employees. In addition to communicating with employees what you want done, employers can create an environment that is conducive to productivity. It may start with expanding the office cubicles or purchasing new office chairs. Let’s explore.

Too Close

No employee will feel comfortable in sharing their computer screens with other employees. Your employees will also want privacy and quiet when working. If another employee is too close for comfort, it can create animosity between them. For that reason, office cubicles act as a deterrent to office productivity. Many employers don’t stop to consider that the office set up may be the reason for no productivity from the staff. When employees sit closely together, it can result in constant disturbance when someone is on the phone speaking to a customer or making a private phone call.

The Studies

Many studies have been done on productivity. It seems that it is safe to say, from this information that office productivity also relies on the comfort of the employees. If a staff member especially works long hours, it is best that the employer purchase comfortable office chairs. With the noticeable comfort, the employees will produce more for the employer. Ergonomic office chairs are ideal, whether the office set up includes office cubicles or office desks. In addition, more studies have proven that poor ventilation and fewer decorations in the office set up will reduce office productivity. Moreover, employees that work in offices with windows tend to work better than a windowless office.

Office Improvement

Employers can improve an office to make employees more productive. It is best to begin with the employee’s work space. Make changes to office furniture, company culture and the lighting. If you have to add lighting to brighten up the office, by all means do so. Add office chairs for visitors and customers. Organize the office by including filing cabinets in order to reduce clutter. You don’t want your employees to be spending time cleaning up the office of loose papers when they could be working.


Office setup and layout is essential contributors to improved productivity among employees. Office chairs, office desks and other office furniture are two of the most important considerations. When you make your employees as comfortable as possible, you will get more out of them.

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