Why You Need A Good Office Chair

Currently in American society, most of a person’s life is spent working. You grow up and go to school and then try to get a good job that will make your life comfortable and maybe even allow you to go on a few trips. For many people, that job they spend half of their lives working at is a desk job, or something else that requires a lot of sitting. Even daily commutes make sure that you are sitting down for an extra hour or two.

With all the current research about how bad sitting is for the human body, at least in long periods, the least you can do for your body is make sure that when you are sitting that you do it in the best possible way. To do that, you need to put effort into understanding your body and your spine. It is a good idea learn proper posture for sitting at a desk and proper way to type for those that spend a lot of time typing.

To help you get the support you need, invest in a high quality and well-made office chair that eases the stress that sitting puts on your body. The best office chairs are tailored to what you need and your specific body type. For example, if you are someone that gets a bit hot and sweaty, you may decide that a mesh office chair is a good idea to help you stay cooler. Ventilation is a great way to make spending time in your office just a bit more comfortable.

Another great reason that you may want to think about exploring your options when it comes to office chairs is the health of your spine. Hunching over a desk nearly every day for hours upon hours is sure to take a high toll on your spine. Since your spine is responsible for so much and helps protect so many important neurological connections, it is important to do what you can to protect it.  The best office chairs will fit the natural curve of your spine and help support it throughout the days and nights you spend in it.

Check out the office chairs we have available in order to refine some of you favorite customizable options such as size, materials, and types. If you have any questions regarding our selection, feel free to get in contact with us today!

Hazards Of Sitting And Using The Wrong Office Chair

The jury has come back to court and has agreed that sitting all day is pretty hard on your body. In fact, the jury has supporting research and studies that prove this is indeed fact, and it is hardly a surprise to anyone these days. If you still have your doubts, feel free to check out the science that backs up all of those claims.

Society has been made aware of the many ways that sitting for long periods of time can negatively impact your life, to the point of shortening lifespans. Not only does sitting a lot mean you are not getting your blood pumping or strengthening your muscles, but if you combine it with staring at a computer, you also can experience worsening vision. One of the most noticeable, at least right away, symptoms of sitting a lot, especially if you are using an old or inappropriate office chair for you, is the tension and aches in your back, neck, and shoulders.

What is up with that? Well, most people are not sitting correctly when they are at work or sitting anywhere really. Most people are slouching over and this puts pressure all over your body. The more you sit, incorrectly especially, the weaker your muscles get that you need to keep your body upright and in the proper position.

If you aren’t using an ergonomic chair that helps to support your back and body in all the appropriate places, you are probably going to experience some aches and pains throughout your body. The right support is vital to a healthy spine and preventing strained and tired muscles.

Many people don’t feel that they can afford a nice office chair that is ergonomic in nature and provides them with the needed support. This is simply not true. There are so many options on the market for every price range. Plus, purchasing the right chair is an investment in your health and can save you money at the doctor’s office, pain, and money spent on creams and back pain accessories. Do yourself a favor and check out our amazing options we have available.

Check out all the different selections of chairs we have including executive office chairs, desk chairs, chairs with and without wheels, and mesh office chairs. Direct Office Chairs prides itself on its friendly and supportive staff, including our customer service agents. If you have any questions while browsing our collections, feel free to get in contact with us.

What Kind Of Chair Should You Pick?

There are so many different types of chairs on the market these days. There are a huge variety of styles, looks, trends, fabrics, and materials to choose from that it can be a pretty big decision to make. Depending on what you are looking for out of your chair, you may want to consider a few different things such as material type, size, and usability. Of course, you also want something that is comfortable and ergonomic because no one wants to go home with a sore back.

The materials chairs are made of can make a statement all themselves. They also have different benefits when it comes to each user. So what kind of material might you consider when you are on the hunt for that perfect office chair?

When it comes to any big purchase, the first thing you need to figure out is your budget. There are office chairs that will fit in any budget, but not every material type will be popular with each section. The good news is that there is typically at least something similar to what you want, if not the exact material type. After you have decided on your budget you can commence looking at chairs!

The second thing you should consider is the type of material that is comfortable to you, some people really love leather furniture, others can’t stand the feel. Some people like the feel of cushioned fabric and others want a firm mesh type chair. If you aren’t sure what type of material you would be most comfortable in, go and try some out at some stores. It will help you narrow down the material type you will love. This is also the time to think about your body. Some people feel sweaty when they are sitting in a leather chair all day, and might like how a mesh chair offers air flow. Other people might want a cotton like fabric because it is soft and comfortable on their arms and legs.

Third, you want to consider is the look you want your office to have. Most of the time, if a person is going for a high end, professional, study type of look, they automatically think of big leather chairs that command respect and attention. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of regal and professional looking chairs to choose from even if you aren’t a fan of leather.

Mouse Shoulder


You would think that working in an office would be a pretty safe environment. Sitting at a desk all day and typing away seems pretty risk-free. The truth is you can experience some pretty painful injuries from not having the proper desk etiquette. You can even experience pain and injuries from not typing correctly, or typing too much. Pain in your back is very common for those that do computer work daily or even developing tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome in your wrists and fingers. Mouse shoulder is yet another injury that comes from prolonged work at a desk.

Mouse shoulder, although perhaps not the most unique of names, refers to the ache and pain that can come from the tension that an inappropriately positioned mouse can cause for your shoulder and arm. Continually making short range movements (like moving a mouse around the screen and clicking) can lead to soreness and muscle spasms in the shoulder and pain at different points in your arm.

If you are experiencing pain in your arm and shoulder it is important to have to looked at and treated. If left untreated and work continued in the same way that puts pressure and stress on the shoulder, the injury can become quite serious. Taking a day off or using the weekends to help heal your shoulder is important. Ice any areas that are particularly painful to reduce any inflammation.

Remember when working at your office job to keep your hands and arms positioned properly and use good typing skills. Avoid resting your wrists and arms on the side of your desk or maintaining the same position for long periods of time as these can add to muscles tension. It is important to take short, frequent breaks to avoid keeping that extra tension in your arms and shoulders.

Learning to sit in the proper position while typing and doing desk work is vital in avoiding painful injuries. Make sure that you have an appropriate and ergonomic office chair to help you avoid unnecessary injuries. One that has adjustable height is a great option to make sure that you can sit at the correct height for using your keyboard and mouse. This will reduce unneeded strain on your body and keep you feeling your best.

If you have any questions or concerns about pain that you are experiencing, talk to your primary care physician. They will be able to give you individualized direction and medical expertise to help manage your pain.


Executive Leather Office Chairs

You know the iconic scene in old movies where the antagonist spins around in the big fancy leather chair to say, “I’ve been expecting you.” That is the kind of chair we are talking about here. At one time in business history it was a highly coveted type of chair that was reserved for C.E.O. or other executives that were higher up in the company chain because of price. These days it has become more accessible for everyone because of the increase in retailers and the manufacturing advancements made in the last few years have allowed these high quality chairs to become more affordable and allowed vendors to provide a larger selection of style and material to customers.

What Your Chair Says About You

Your chair can say a lot about you. For this reason here at Direct Office Chairs we offer a wide selection of executive leather chairs to fit everyone’s style and needs. We have leather, eco-leather, and faux leather office chairs to help provide everyone with the best match for their personality, personal style, and office. Being able to personalize your chair by choosing style, fabric-type, and color can help your office feel more comfortable to you as well as providing your body with the support it needs. We are here to help you with any questions that you might have and want you to have the best experience shopping for your office. We believe in providing customers with quality made chairs made with outstanding craftsmanship.

Why Should I Have a High Quality Chair?

It can be taxing on your body to be sitting all day at work. Having a high quality and comfortable chair can be a great way to reduce the strain on your body. Occasionally walking around the office or doing small stretches can also help with soreness. A chair adjustable in height helps you to be able to sit at the correct height to your computer screen and keyboard to minimize how much you have to lean forward or back, which can add stress to your back, spine, and neck which can cause unnecessary pain.

About Our Selection

We are pleased to offer different options such as eco-leather which is generally made with natural fibers like flax or cotton mixed with plant oils that can be layered together and comes out looking and feeling like leather. Faux leather chairs are also available which are made of a plastic fabric. These are great options for offices that want to be environmentally conscious and animal friendly.

What Office Chair is Right for YOU?

Choosing your office chair is kind of a big deal isn’t it? I know the only thought going through your mind right now is, “…nope!”. But you’re definitely wrong.
Think about it for a second. You spend 8 hours a day sitting in that chair. That makes it pretty much as big a deal as your bed, with the one MAJOR difference that your boss and coworkers don’t see your bed.
You need to impress!

Get those style points! Sure, ergonomics matter a lot. If you ignore it, your spine and joints will stiffen up and so will your muscles, until you’re eventually disabled, but let’s be honest and recognize that we just aren’t all that practical.

Let’s examine some chairs with personality!

The Tall One

Think high desk. Super tall, glaring down your glasses at the horde of inferior worker ants below you as they bustle by under your imperious gaze.

You might not be the one with the fancy title and a corner office, but this tall chair lets everyone in the office know that you’re the one who people know they need to impress.


The Godfather

You ARE the boss. You sit in your comfortable cushioned leather chair while gazing into the middle distance, contemplating the future of your minions.

Everyone wonders whether you’re mulling layoffs or expansion, and even though they never see it, they wonder if you are hiding a glass of whiskey and a cigar.
The Visitor

This chair doesn’t roll. This is to make sure that anyone who visits your office understands that they do not have freedom here. You do. It is your domain.

Whether they are there to get fired or demand some kind of work from you, it’s important to let them know that they are in no position to make demands or otherwise assert themselves in your presence.

Place a few of these stacking chairs in your office to give the illusion of choice, without supplying any actual choice.

The Worker Bee

You don’t like attention. You don’t want anyone to notice you or fire you, and you want to get your work done and go home without getting pulled into any meetings. This computer chair is for you.

Let’s be crushingly honest about the situation for a moment and understand, you’ll be spending WAY more time in your office chair than you ever will with your kids or your friends.

Would you let your boss assign your your friends and some kids to parent? No?

Well then why would you let them assign you your work accommodation for 8 hours a day for the rest of your life? It basically makes no sense.

Life is soul crushing enough without that kind of Orwellian workplace authoritarianism. You don’t have to submit to that kind of thing. This is America! Well, I’m writing from America, I don’t know where you are. I bet you probably do have the freedom to get your own office chair though.

You can change your life (a little bit), by taking control of this one thing.

How to Decide on a Good Executive Office Chair

Executive Office Chair

Executive Office Chair

Executive chairs have always been manufactured to provide a high level of comfort to people who have to sit at their desks for long hours. With such comfort, the mind can effectively concentrate and focus. The employee or manager seated in an executive office chair will definitely be more productive.

Sitting for Long Hours

If you have to be seated for long hours each day while working, an executive chair may be the one thing that makes the difference. These kinds of office chairs can be used to give the employee or manager a high status and a deservedly executive appearance.

Expense will pay Off

An executive office chair can be expensive, but it will last for a longer time than the normal office chair. With this kind of office chair, employers will give their staff the comfort and luxury that they deserve to be productive each day. In other words, the employer will get back a higher return on productivity from employees, which will eventually pay for the chair in the long run.

Upper and Higher Level

In most cases, executive office chairs are used by upper management, but there are some lower level employees who can benefit from less expensive executive chairs. In any event, there are things that employers should consider when a decision is made to purchase one of these office chairs. Let’s explore.

The Features

Executive office chairs are usually the ones that look overstuffed and have a high backrest and padded for shoulder and neck support. You will also find that these office chairs come with padded armrests, thigh support and also adjustable features. These classy and elegant office chair models are made with the high level of management in mind. The only exception is the ones that are sportier and have a thinner padding, resembling the car seat of a sports vehicle. This particular office chair provides a lateral support to its user. Rather than a large back, it is more curved and equipped with optics. Let’s look at some of the features.

The Headrest

An executive office chair is important to provide support to the head, shoulders and neck while working. It is known to alleviate and prevent any pressure in these areas. Most executive chairs have a tilt feature where the person seated can take a break while resting the head for added comfort.

The Backrest

The backrest also has a tilt feature to provide more comfort. It provides a semi-reclining position where the user can switch from upright to recline. It helps the thighs and torso to rest in between working.


An executive office chair is usually made of leather. This material makes it cool and comfortable to sit despite your body temperature. A sturdy base helps the chair to maintain its balance. With its effective lumbar and height adjustable features, the per

What to Consider When Buying an Executive Office Chair?

Executive Office Chair

Executive Office Chair

When you are thinking of choosing an executive office chair, there are some essential factors to consider. In addition to the cost, a few of the things that may seem less obvious to consider are:

  • Assessing the chair back for the appropriate size and fit
  • Making sure that the chair is adjustable
  • Choosing one based on durable material that was used to make the chair
  • Making sure it has a stable base

These things are also vital factors to think about when you are getting ready to choose the right executive office chair.

The Size of the Chair Back

As stated before, the back of the executive office chair is an essential feature to think about. For enjoying comfort while sitting in an executive chair, the top half of the chair back should not be lower than the middle of the person’s head. There should also be a head rest for added comfort. There are many executive chairs with backs extending past the back of the individual’s head while seated. When he person leans into the back of the chair, their head may hang over the back of the chair and be very uncomfortable.

The Chair Material

The material of the chair is also a vital factor. Usually, leather is the common material used to make executive office chairs. It gives the chair a look of elegance and comfort. The leather remains cool enough to be seated in for a long period of time. It can also be warm enough for comfort when the weather is cold or the office air conditioner as a high temperature. Leather also last for a long time, whether it is used to make a jacket or executive chair.

The Adjustment

It is recommended that when you are buying an office chair, you look for its adjustment capabilities. Most executive office chairs come with adjustment features such as reclining and altering the height and armrests to suit the person that will be seated in it.

The Base

The base of the office chair is also important to its stability. Most of the executive office chairs will come with wheels or casters. There are some office chairs that also have legs instead of wheels and four stokes only to support the four legs. It is best to get an office chair with five or six legs so that the chair does not easily tip over. A strong base facilitates better support for the person seated.


Of course, as you are considering the purchase of an executive office chair, price is one of the essential aspects to start looking for the right one. However, that should not be the only thing that will determine your decision. As discussed, pay attention the adjustability and other features.

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