Importance of An Ergonomic Chair For A Healthy Spine

Office work can leave your body feeling strained and exhausted, particularly when you are not supporting your spine correctly. Not sitting up straight with the proper support of an ergonomic office chair and the correct posture can wreck havoc on your back and neck. Computer work can be very consuming, so much that many people unconsciously learn forward towards their monitor while working, offsetting the muscles that work together to keep your body sitting correctly. This strains your back even more, which you are going to feel later.

It is very important to understand and use proper posturing techniques during the day at the office and also invest in an office chair that properly aligns and supports your lower back. Many people actually sit on the front edge of their chair when using a computer, which doesn’t allow for any support for your lower back and spine. Using the right type of support for your back can relieve a lot of the stress and strain that it may feel otherwise, when not using an ergonomic chair or not having good posture.

Your spine is an incredibly important part of your body as it is the highway of nerves that connect your brain to all the other parts of your body. Protecting your spine and keeping it properly supported and positioned is in your best interest when considering keeping your body in good working order, and alleviating unnecessary pain and aching.

Choosing the best office chair that is tailored to your body in size and support is vital in keeping your back and spine healthy. Find a chair that is comfortable and fits your body. A chair that supports the natural curve of your spine and that allows you to rest your elbows on the armrests while they are close to your body at about a ninety degree angle is best. Keep your keyboard close enough that you don’t have to reach or lean out to use it. Keep the monitor at eye level to avoid straining your neck and upper back.

Do some research on ergonomic office chairs and try some out for yourself to find the perfect fit. Once you have one, don’t forget to use it properly and sit back into the chair to allow it to support your spine. Call Direct Office Chairs with any questions or concerns you have, we are always happy to help you find the right chair that will keep you feeling your best!

Keys For Organization

The work day can get a bit hectic with papers coming in and out, emails popping up on your monitor, and the phone ringing off the hook. Not to mention the countless sticky notes, picture frames, and other desk accessories you have hanging about. While this may be the state your desk is in normally, there are some good reasons to put some effort into organizing it including increased efficiency, reduced stress, and having a clean and tidy work area just feels good. To get you started on your organizational journey, you can check out some of the tips listed here!


Make Use Of Desk Organizational Items

There are so many options for things to organize your desk these days, from pencil holders, paper trays, to sticky note dispensers and business card holders. The key when deciding what to get is to evaluate what you need. Things that keep daily used items at arm’s length are great options for your desktop. Don’t get carried away with the cuteness of these items and go overboard, the idea is to clean up clutter, not add to it.


Use Lists And Finish One Thing At A Time

It is easy to get backed up with different projects and work items, they seem to just flow in and then things are left half done. This adds to the mess of your desk and to the stress on your mind. One great way to keep organized is to have one central location or list of things that need doing. Do your best to finish one task at a time to cut back on the pile up.


Keep A Trash Can Near By

It is important to place the trash can you use close enough to where you sit at your desk that you can use it. This will make it easier to dispose of items that you do not need instead of piling them up and saying you will take care of them later. Instead of setting trash down on your desk, make a habit of throwing it out right then and there.


Limit Unnecessary Clutter

Most of us bring unnecessary items to work with us. Having a picture or two to remind you of home and loved ones is great, but don’t let them start taking over your desk. Sweet little reminders are great, just remember you are at work, not home. Desk corners and under the desk are often spots the clutter winds up in. Set up a schedule to clean up your desk on a regular basis.

Managing Stress To Increase Happiness

Work can be consuming, overwhelming and stressful. Going to work can feel like a death sentence and when you get home you are so exhausted you have no energy to do the things you need or want to do around the house. If this sounds familiar, it is time to make some changes. Living in a perpetual state of stress and unhappiness will take its toll on you in every way. You many notice health challenges, emotional struggles, and social exclusion. To get back on top of things and take back control of your life, try implementing some of the following tips.

Make A List

As redundant and over stated this may be, make a to-do list to keep track of all the things you need to do. There is something about seeing things written or typed out that make it easier to concentrate, focus, and get things done. You also get the added satisfaction of crossing something off or erasing it. For some reason this feels good and gives you more of a sense of accomplishment than just getting things done.

Acknowledge and Congratulate Yourself

Throughout a work week you are doing countless tasks and activities, taking part in meetings, and getting more done than you may realize. When you take the time to reflect on the things that you have been getting done and crossing off, you will feel better about yourself, recognize your abilities and feel better about continuing to work. Focusing on your accomplishments and rewarding yourself in small ways can make work seem less stressful and make you feel more competent and ready to tackle new projects.

Do Things You Enjoy

It can be tempting after a long day at work to go home and veg on the couch. Eating crappy food and getting no exercise will not make you feel any better. Instead, try scheduling something that you enjoy doing, even if you are tired. This doesn’t have to be a large time commitment or something that is overwhelming, in fact, we need the opposite. Grab a drink with a friend you haven’t caught up with for a while, do something artistic, or go for a run or walk.

Prepare For The Week

To reduce stress and allow for more productivity and enjoyment at work and more energy when you get home, schedule out your week. Write down events and activities that you know are coming up. A stressed out mind tends to be a forgetful one. When you forget things, typically you will talk down to yourself for being so dumb, etc. To prevent this, make notes. Not forgetting things, and thus not having extra reasons to talk down to yourself or feel bad reduces and prevents added stresses.

Find as many ways to enjoy life as possible. Life is not all about work, just as it isn’t all about playing. Finding a good balance is key to being happy and healthy.

Desk Job Got You Down?

Let’s face it, desk jobs typically have a reputation for being dull and soul sucking. The thing is, there are a lot of jobs out there that need doing and they aren’t always the most inspiring, exciting, or even rewarding, but they are jobs. When you are working somewhere you do not like, it can take a toll on the rest of your life. It can make you feel down, depressed, and stressed. Quitting your job and finding a new one isn’t always something you can do, so what can you do to revive your soul while still doing your job? Here are some ideas to get your mind going.

Keep Healthy

There is something about establishing healthy habits that make you feel more able to tackle all the day’s problems and challenges. Start bringing a water bottle to work and try to take in more water every day. Being hydrated is something many people struggle with. Take quick breaks to walk around or stretch to help keep your blood flowing throughout the day.

Attitude Matters

If you expect your day to be bad at work, you will find something that will make it that way. Try coming into work with a different attitude than you usually do. Find something, anything at work that you like or enjoy, and focus on that. Try smiling at your co-workers and share some happiness to spruce up everyone’s day.

Challenge Yourself

Something that goes along with changing your attitude is challenging yourself. If you are bored of always doing the same things, ask for new responsibilities or duties to keep things interesting. People that are motivated and want to stay engaged in their work will look for new things to do and keep progressing up the ladder. These people are usually noticed by bosses and end up being rewarded for their efforts and desire to take on new challenges.

Change Up Your Area

If your desk is a mess you are most likely not going to have good days. Decluttering and organizing files, folders, and desks is a great way to feel less stressed and more at home in your work space. If you have an organized work area, consider changing up pictures or decorations to give your space a new feeling and get you thinking and feeling happier. Post pictures of vacations or your favorite places to help you have more happy feelings while you are at work. Just be careful of posting pictures that are private or display more of your private life that is appropriate for work and clients.

Personalization Of Your Workspace

Work is basically your second home. You probably spend about a third of your day at work. A third doing other activities or doing things at home and a third sleeping or so. This means that for those eight hours or so that you are at work in your office, cubicle, or at your desk, you are surrounded by….what, exactly? Boring white walls and unimpressive single colored or patterned carpet? This shouldn’t be what your second home looks like! It is time to personalize your area and perk up your workspace. Naturally, it is important to follow the rules your work has for your space or office, but most offices allow for some additions.


Choosing some cute pictures are a great way to add some love to your space. Keep a photo of your dog on your desk or a picture of you and your significant other. If you work in a profession that you are wary of clients seeing or knowing of your family, choose photos that you have taken on vacation or of your favorite nature spot that don’t have people in them, but remind you of your loved ones and the good times you have had. Hang art around the room or scenic pictures of your favorite climate zone. Adding some of the things you like to your area can make the workday seem a little less dreary.

Get Comfortable

Make sure that you have a chair that is comfortable and ergonomic. Being comfortable and keeping your body well supported will make all the difference in your attitude of coming to work. Considering some of the personalization options that office chairs have these days including colors, embroidery, styles, and functions.

Desk Trinkets

Having trinkets on your desk can help keep your hands busy if you are a person that always likes to be moving. Have puzzle cubes or figurines on your desk that you purchased on vacation or simply ones that you like. Add a bowl of candy on the corner of your desk to help make your space more inviting if you meet with clients, and to give you a little sugar on those long days!
Be creative with your space and add some of what makes you, you! Add some pops of color or a rug that makes you feel more at home, at work. Doing simple things like this can help you stay more focused at work and enjoy your days more fully.

Looking For The Perfect Chair?

Having the right chair is vital to being successful and having a efficient work day. This may sound over dramatic but if you listen to these reasons why that might actually be the case, you might find yourself saying the same thing.  Ergonomic office chair options are the best options to consider when you are shopping around for office chairs that will enhance your office and your ability to stay focused and work for long hours.

One of the most important features to look for in the design of a chair you are going to be using day after day, month after month, possibly even year after year, is that it is made to support your body. We all know that bodies do not come in one mold, but bodies have the same features and one of those is a spine. Your spine health is beyond important and providing it the correct support will reduce or eliminate the stress that sitting for long hours puts on your back bone. This will undoubtedly improve your life in many ways as a pain free life is always something to strive for.

Ergonomic chairs are designed to be comfortable. This means an easier work day, less time shifting around and wasting time being uncomfortable. This is particularly notable for those that suffer from back pains and tight neck muscles. Part of the reason you may be experiencing these pains is because of the stress sitting in a chair can put on your spine when not properly supported.

With a properly supportive and ergonomic chair you will be more comfortable, supported, feel healthier, have less aches and pains, and be able to focus on your work more effectively. The proper chair with adjustable height also helps proper circulation and blood flow.

These things may sound minor on paper but rack up a few years of unhealthy habits and poor circulation and you will be looking at some more serious health problems. By eliminating all these negative effects you are sure to be more successful.
We want you to be successful. The representatives and staff here at Direct Office Chairs are more than happy to help you find the perfect fit for you. Contact us today to start looking for a chair that will do a better job at keeping you healthy, focused, and on track. Being successful doesn’t just happen, and we want to help make it easier for you to make it.

Exercise At Work!

Many of us, especially those of us that work at a computer or desk for the majority of the day, aren’t getting enough exercise. Many people don’t feel like they have time or money for a gym membership. Those that have other responsibilities following work and have little time for themselves, let alone time to go to the gym every day, can largely benefit from doing simple short exercises right from their desk or work place.

Take The Stairs And Increase Your Steps

Instead of hitting that elevator button and going for a minute ride, go ahead and get yourself ready to take the stairs. Taking the stairs is a small burst of aerobic exercise which can help strengthen the heart. If you have small stairs or feel like you need a harder workout, take the steps two at a time to increase the difficulty.

Simply increasing the number of steps you take every day can help you feel and look better. Park at the end of the lot and enjoy your walk into work or take walking lunch breaks. Bring a small water bottle that you need to fill up every hour or so and walk to the water dispenser.

Use Your Desk And Chair

You probably don’t keep any exercise equipment in your cubicle or office, but you can use what you have. There are countless simple exercises that you can do using your desk and your office chair. Choosing an ergonomic chair is very important for your health, but adding in some stretching and little workouts throughout the day can help reduce any chances of developing back pain or other pains.

There are many helpful workout tips and exercises all over the internet, it’s time to put them to use! Try doing some desk push-ups or a few quick squats before you sit down. Your imagination is pretty much the limit here. If you find some exercises you don’t particularly enjoy, just look for some alternative ones that exercise what you are trying to exercise. There are books, videos and articles galore detailing exercises that can be done at work. You can choose from exercises that use your desk and chair and those that you do without using anything. Whatever you choose, get moving!
Feeling good and looking good can start at work. Not only will these little bursts of activity help you feel stronger and healthier, they can also help you be more productive at work. Getting your blood flowing will help you be able to focus better on tasks and get more done in a shorter time. Start incorporating simple exercises today to feel better about yourself in more than one way!

Staying Focused: Tips For Productive Work Days (Pt. 2)

Keeping yourself focused and on task is such a vital skill that we decided you deserved to know about some more tips and tricks to keep yourself productive and help you to keep conquering the day.

Staying on task and efficient isn’t just about pleasing your boss and being a stellar employee, it can help you  in your everyday life as well. Many students are familiar with the struggle of staying focused just like those of us that spend our workdays parked behind our computers. People that work from home must have the skills and ability to stay focused and be productive by ignoring distractions and seeing projects and tasks through until they are done.

When you are able to cultivate the skill to be someone that gets the job done, is productive, efficient, and reliable, you can carry that over into all aspects of your life and character. Learning this skill will help you save time by completing errands and tasks in a timely matter. This means more time for fun and living the rest of your life! To help you out here are a few more ideas to get you started!

Be Offline

Seems a bit counterintuitive if you are working on tasks that require the internet. Of course we don’t mean you should not access the internet for reasons related to your work or task. Instead we are talking about your cellphone, social media, chat rooms, and your email. Instead of getting distracted and checking notifications and all your accounts every few minutes, focus on getting the task at hand accomplished. Schedule short and timed social media breaks between your projects or tasks, if needed, but do not stay logged in on your computer and do not have your account open in another tab. Make sure your phone is on silent and put it away for a while.

Take It By Chunks

If you are facing an overwhelming project that just seems daunting, take the time to write it down and break it into smaller steps that you can handle. By doing this you will feel more capable, less stressed and will be more likely to make progress.

Take Breaks

This is our favorite suggestion. How can taking breaks help you stay on task and get more done? Taking breaks can refresh you and can give you new perspective on things that you have been working on for a while. One really great thing you can do with your breaks is to get moving. Take a short stroll down the hall or around the office to get your blood pumping a bit. This will make you feel more awake and can help you be more focused when you get back to your desk.

Important Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Furniture For Your Office


It is no secret that often furniture can be a bit pricey for high quality, durable, and stylish pieces. This is one of the most important reasons you will want to make wise decisions when purchasing furniture for your office space. To help you make the best investment in your furniture buying escapade, we have compiled a list of things to consider before purchasing your first piece.


The very first way to slim down the choices you will have to make and filter out furniture options is to find a price range and stick to your budget. This should be your first step to avoid wasting time and energy looking at pieces that aren’t within your price range.

Purpose Of The Furniture

Obviously, you are going to be looking for specific types of furniture to fit the needs of your office and workspace. Keep in mind who will be using the furniture and at what times and assess the functionality of the piece for the purposes you have in mind. Make sure the bookshelf or desk you are looking at will be large enough or offer enough storage space for the needs the office has. No use purchasing furniture that fails to live up to your demands.

It is also very important to fully consider your employees needs when designing your office space. Providing your employees with desks and ergonomic office chairs is essential to their health, wellbeing, and productivity levels.

Using Your Available Space

Your office space is only so big, cramming in extra furniture or choosing pieces that are too large for your space is a quick way to lose your professional look. Make sure to take a good look at how much room you are working with before you set out shopping for furniture. Choose to use space saving furniture like a comfy bench or sofa in the waiting room instead of packing in arm chairs. Options are available, even for small office spaces. 

The Look

It is likely that you have a theme or color palette that you are trying to pull together in your office. Work with those same ideas when choosing furniture for your office. Match colors, textures, or themes to really give your space a finished look. If brands are something that you want to shop by, make sure to choose a high quality and durable line.

Remember that you will also need to do cleaning regularly and choosing furniture that is easy to clean and doesn’t stain can be a huge benefit, especially if you will be having children in your office.

Tips For a Successful Home Office


If you have decided that a home office is for you, you may be wondering how to start putting one together. It’s exciting to set aside some space for you to work in, and you should be able to enjoy the hours you are going to be using your office. Here are some tips to get things heading in the right direction.

Think About What You Need

The best way to start planning your office is to start asking yourself questions about what you need. What kind of space do you need to be productive? Will clients be stopping by? If so, is there plenty of seating available for them? How many hours approximately will you be spending in your office? What color scheme is right for you?

Once you have started answering the questions, you are well on your way to designing the perfect home office.


You want to make sure that your office is going to have enough space for you to be able to make things work. If you have a guest bedroom that you hardly ever use, consider using it as your office instead of the tiny-basically-a-closet-room that we know you were thinking about using.

Lighting is the next important thing to consider when you are thinking about the usability of your home office. Poor or improper lighting can give you headaches or cause you to experience eye strain. Invest in the proper type of lighting to avoid causing yourself unnecessary headaches…literally.

Color Scheme and Decor

You most likely will be spending a fair amount of time in your office if you are considering creating one in your home. If this is because your online business is doing great or you are starting your own company, congratulations! Celebrate your success or the beginning of your entrepreneurship adventures by putting the effort into making your office a space that you enjoy being in and that inspires you! Paint the walls a color that makes you feel excited about working in the area and purchase furniture that ties the room together.

Comfort and Support

Another very important thing to think about when you are designing your home office is the chair that you are going to be spending all this time in. It is very important to get a high quality, ergonomic, and comfortable chair for yourself. Consider also purchasing supports for your wrists at the keyboard or a hand shaped mouse to help you avoid any injuries from repetitive movements.