Perk Up Your Office In Four Simple Steps

As your home away from home, you want your office to reflect some of your personality and to feel comfortable. Naturally, you likely won’t be allowed to do anything too drastic to the space, but there are many ways you can reflect your tastes and what you like without doing anything too permanent.  If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to perking up your office so you don’t feel like you are sitting in a plain and boring box all day, read the simple steps below!

Step One: Make Yourself Comfortable

This is an incredible step in creating a homey and welcoming space for you to work in. Don’t put up with the terrible standard company furniture if you can help it. While you might not be able to do much about the desk, almost every boss will allow you to find your own office chair if you so desire. Trust us, you desire it. Very much. Finding an office chair that fits your body type, your typical daily tasks, and supports your spine in the right ways will change your life. Once you find an ergonomic office chair, you can say goodbye to all those aches and pains that likely have become a part of your daily life.

Step Two: Bring In Some Photos

Another great way to make your office feel more homey to you is to bring in photos that you enjoy. Perhaps you want to bring in some family photos to put on your desk, or maybe you would rather hang that beautiful painting that you adore across from your desk so you can enjoy it all day long!

Step Three: Add Some Color

Some simple pops of color can really make your office feel less dull and help you feel less blah. Consider some desk accessories that come in a hue that speaks to your soul, or maybe bring in a fun colored filing cabinet or trash can.

Step Four: Add Some Life

Not everyone has a green thumb, but the good news is that there are many plants that can survive with very little human interaction. In fact, succulents and cactuses typically are killed off when they get too much attention. Having a plant in your office, or a few, can help freshen up the air, will make the room feel more welcoming, and can bring a smile to your face each day.

Stretches For A Sore Back

There is something particularly painful about having a sore back. When you hurt other parts of your body, it is simple to avoid using the sore or injured part for some time while it heals, the same can’t be said for a back. Your back and your spine are central to most movements and will be affected to some point no matter how careful you are.

There are so many ways to hurt your back from standing all day in bad shoes, sleeping on the wrong type of mattress or in the wrong position, to sitting in a chair that is not ergonomically designed. If you find that you are having trouble with a sore back or having tight muscles in your back, it would be a good idea to treat the real problem by replacing your bed or office chair, but in the meantime, check out some of the stretches and ideas below to help your back feel better.

Before you start really stretching out your muscles it is a good idea to loosen them up some with some light movements to get your blood flowing. This can be something as simple as walking in place, twisting gently at the waist from side to side, or even putting a warm washcloth on your back for a while.

Standard Touch Your Toes Stretches

This is the basic stretch that almost everyone knows, but don’t utilize when it comes to maintaining flexibility or stretching out tight muscles. All you have to do is to stand with your feet slightly apart and bend at the waist and reach towards your toes. It isn’t necessary that you touch your toes or that your chest touches your knees, just that you reach until you feel a firm stretch in your back.

Laying Down Knees To Chest

Another great option for relieving some back tightness and pain is to lay down on the floor on your back. Pull your knees up to your chest and hold them there with your arms. Remember to breathe with the stretch and hold it for at least the count of ten. Release and then repeat as needed.

Stretching can be a wonderful way to keep your body in better shape and to avoid many of the pains that come with having an office job or any job where you sit for large portions of the day. You can also find stretches meant to help stretch different areas of the body to target problem areas!

Reasons You Need A Massage Chair

Massage chairs have been around for decades. They took a while to catch on after being introduced initially, but have become more popular through the years, and for good reason. There are many potential physical and mental health benefits of having and using an at home massage chair. With advancing technology and better quality chairs being made today, there is hardly a reason to skip out on this incredible addition to your home!

Stress Reduction

That is right, owning and using a massage chair can reduce the amount of stress you feel, benefiting you mentally and physically. Massage chairs are typically known for their resemblance to Shiatsu or Swedish massage techniques. Shiatsu is more about releasing tension in the body while Swedish massage is about enhancing the body’s circulation. Both help with your overall health and wellness. When you use your massage chair regularly to relieve tension and stress in your body, it allows the body to stop overcompensating for the stressed muscles and will help you feel more balanced, relaxed, and increase mobility.

Induces Healing

Proper healing of the body has to do with healthy and proper blood flow to injured areas. When your body is tight and not allowing the right amount of blood flow to different areas, this can reduce or prevent healing from taking place. Using massage chairs to loosen up your muscles and increase circulation to adequate and proper levels, you are helping your body to be able to heal itself from the injuries it sustains.


When you think of relaxing, who doesn’t picture a serene spa with trickling water fountains, soft music, and a good massage to loosen up the tension your body has been gathering up for months? The good news is you can experience this type of relaxation and experience a massage right at home when you have a massage chair. Being able to relax and de-stress will help you feel better, accomplish more, and be happier. There is some evidence that massage chairs can actually induce the release of endorphins in the brain. Not only do endorphins make you feel good, they can help strengthen your immune system.
With so many great benefits of owning and using a massage chair, how can you resist? Now that you are convinced, we are excited to help you find the perfect chair that fits in your budget and meets the needs that you have for your chair. Shop our collection today and contact us with any questions you may have! 

Are Massage Chairs the Right Solution for Back Pain?

Massage chairs

Massage chairs

Were you aware that a massage chair offers many benefits to relieving back problems? Many of the massage chairs these days are non-invasive and low risk to providing a real and practical solution to muscle pain. It might surprise you that there are massage chairs made using advanced technology that delivers an incredible experience and tangible benefits for painful back, neck, shoulder and legs. Let’s take a look at the primary advantages of using massage chairs to treat your bad back.

Circulation and Blood Flow

In most instances, the most common source of pain and aches in the lower back is the disruption or disturbance in circulation and blood flow. This compromises the delivery of essential nutrition to the complex muscles of the lower, middle and the upper back. This is a temporary condition and known in the medical field as ‘ischemia’ or tightened tissue, resulting in reduction in blood flow. With massage chairs, circulation and blood flow will increase, aiding in the recovery of soft tissue damage, muscle soreness or inflammation.

Muscle Tension

Muscle tension can be reduced by using a massage chair, which helps to reduce chronic and sharp pain in the lower back as well as other areas of the body. This is especially true when you receive an injury or need to align your muscles. The muscles are imbalanced when you experience tension, causing subsequent pain. A massage is able to reduce the tension and imbalance as well as improve sleep and facilitate healing. It will make a difference in the way you focus and also in your mood.

Increase of Endorphins

A twenty minute massage can increase endorphins in the body, triggering peace of mind, relaxation and an improved sense of well being. When the mood is enhanced, it prevents or reduces anxiety and depression that usually accompany things like back pain or any other chronic pain.

The Techniques

For individuals looking for comprehensive treatment for severe pain that is disrupting their daily lives, a quality massage is an excellent option. Massage chairs and massage specialist can deliver Shiatsu and Sweden massage techniques, particularly proven to help back pain sufferers.


In summarizing, massage therapy has been proven by medical research to be effective in treating severe pain. With massage, the body will improve its lymphatic flow through muscle manipulation. It will also increase blood flow, helping to enhance circulation. When you are sitting in a massage chair, there is a good feeling released by endorphins, helping with toxin flush out. When selecting massage chairs for helping with lower back pain, it is recommended that you try to choose one that provides 3D technique, which offers deeper massage into the muscle tissues.

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Office Chair Massage

Back Pain From Your Office ChairYou sit at your desk all day, and no matter how comfortable your chair, at some point you’re probably going to feel twinges in your back or your shoulders. You may even find that prolonged sitting gives you headaches. Not much you can do about it, right?

Wrong! You can get up, walk around, stretch, move and work out those kinks. Or, you could consider having someone come to the office to deal with your aches and pains by performing what’s called a “chair massage.” It might even be covered under your company’s health benefits package.

Chair MassageHow Does a Chair Massage Work?

It doesn’t’ happen in your office chair. With a chair massage, a certified massage therapist comes to your office, and brings a special massage chair for you to sit in. The therapist will concentrate mainly on your back, shoulders, and neck. That’s because those are the areas that end up causing you the highest level of discomfort when you sit for long stretches of time.

You’ll usually find that you start to feel much better in about 5 minutes, as the therapist uses techniques that are particularly effective on tensions that can occur in the upper body. You can have the chair massage in a private area, or if you’d rather, you can have it done right at your desk – it’s not like a table massage where you’re usually unclothed; you won’t have to remove any clothing at all.

Leather Office Chair With MassageIt’s Good for All Concerned

Workers who get chair massages at their place of business find that they get relief from back pain, stress, headaches and tired muscles. They also frequently report that they feel more efficient, and they think more clearly. It only makes sense – if you’re sore and stressed, you’re not working at peak capacity.

A chair massage takes less than half an hour out of an employee’s work day, and the benefits last for days. Not only do workers benefit, companies reap the rewards in terms of fewer employees booking off sick, and fewer instances of employees taking stress leave. An even better idea would be to purchase an office chair with massage. That way you can use it all the time!

licensed massage therapistArranging for a Chair Massage

Many massage therapists are trained in the techniques required to perform a chair massage. You’ll want to make sure that your therapist is properly licensed under any applicable municipal or state laws, or that if you’re in an area where licensing requirements don’t exist, that the therapist can provide proof of training. Generally speaking, the therapist should be a graduate of a recognized massage therapy course, and should be able to prove that he or she has had a minimum of five hundred hours of training.

If your office is considering having chair massage done as part of a group “spa day” event, you might want to consider having multiple therapists onsite, and you should certainly make sure that all of them are properly qualified. Don’t be afraid to ask for references, and to check them. You’re going to be taking time out of the work day to hold this event, so you don’t want therapists who have a history of not showing up on time. An employee who’s been promised a chair massage shouldn’t be waiting around for a therapist to show, or have his or her schedule disrupted due to waiting for co-workers to finish with their turn.


The benefits of a chair massage for sedentary workers are well-known, and it’s great for employers as well. Employees who feel de-stressed and rejuvenated are more productive and energetic. A move from the office chair to the massage chair once in a while is a fabulous idea for all concerned.