Different Types Of Chairs You May Need Or Want

There are so many needs and uses for different chairs out there. Some people prefer chairs to be plush and comfy while others want a firm chair that offers support. Some people are shorter than others while some have mile long legs that get shoved into their mouth when they sit. Here at Direct Office Chairs we value variety and quality and are happy to help you find the right chair for you! Not only do we have the selection you need to find the perfect chair for you, we also have the chairs you want for all your sitting needs. Check out some of our featured chairs below and start browsing our incredible selection today!

Drafting Chairs

Not every table or bar is the same height. Some are shorter and some are taller than the normal, standard height most of us are accustomed to. For the breakfast bars and taller seating you need we would like to introduce you to our drafting chairs. Style is personal and we want you to have the chair that matches your personality and design preferences so check out our selection!

Reception Furniture

If you are looking to update your office furniture to spice up that waiting room, we can help you out. The best part about reception furniture is that there is such a huge variety to choose from. Styles and colors can be nearly as individual as you and your company’s needs. Browse our high quality selection of arm chair type waiting room furniture or the more simplistic types that offer a sleek modern vibe.

Desk Chairs

If you are working at a desk most of the day you need to have a good chair that supports you in all the right places. Too many people sit for too long in a slouched or slumped positions that put a lot of strain on their backs, shoulders, and necks. This leads to pain and aching that bother many people to a great extent. To help you avoid all these negatives, let us help you find the perfect ergonomic chair to fit your needs and your body.

Big And Tall Chairs

There are many chairs out there that don’t cater to those that are taller, longer, or more heavy set than others. Making sure all of our customers find the best option for them is one of our priorities. With that in mind we are happy to offer a line of big and tall chairs that fit more people.

Is It Time For An Office Furniture Update?

As an office manager or an owner has to consider the layout of their office and the furniture that is being used in the office by themselves, employees, and clients. The furniture that you are using in the office can benefit or hinder all those that use it. The right furniture can set the tone and mood of the office which can influence workplace mood, ambiance, and efficiency. Over the last few decades there have been huge improvements in the design of office furniture, the materials used in their creation, and the ergonomic qualities they hold.

If your office is still using old, heavy and ugly desks and chairs from who knows when, it is time to consider an update. The wrong type of furniture can wear on employees and dissuade clients and patients from using your practice. An update can offer quite a few benefits for everyone in the office, and everyone that visits it, as well.

For one, the look of your office will be updated and more in style with the times. Having a well designed office makes clients or patients feel at home and more confident in the company’s ability to provide professional and high quality products and services. Do your company a favor and give the office a makeover to improve the ability to serve those you intend to serve.

Your employees will thank you for investing in them and in the company. Providing your employees with modern, high quality, and up to date ergonomic furniture shows you care about their health and well-being which inspires loyalty and appreciation. By putting forth the effort and money to provide updated furniture for your employees, you are showing that you believe in them and in the quality and life of the company.

Modern office furniture comes with many perks that your ancient furniture is most likely lacking. The manufacturing world today is held to higher quality standards and makes use of better and stronger materials. Your new furniture will also most likely come with a warranty that allows you to contact the manufacturer in case of necessary part replacements and simple fixes.

With so many benefits of investing in modern furniture for your office, how could you afford not to? The office will become a place of modern design and comfort instead of a work space that is dull and uninviting. Clients and patients will feel welcome and at ease.

Sophisticated And Modern Offices

The world as we know it is changing every single day, maybe even every second. The world of office work hasn’t escaped this element of life and we are seeing some huge improvements in design, office quality and color schemes. As the studies about employee productivity and happiness come out that explain the correlation between the two, as well as ways to increase both, employers and bosses have started taking note. Happier employees means increased efficiency and productivity! To the people in charge that means more profit.

Some of the new waves that are about to hit the office arena include adaptive furniture that can change with the demands of the office with time, open work spaces that allow collaboration, and brightening up the old space with color and nature. Designing an area that is open and versatile is key to allowing a business and office space to change and grow to meet needs and incorporate new ideas and people. It can also give off a more united feel than when employees are filed away into small cubicles.  

Furniture is a huge part of what makes an office space feel comfortable, friendly, and professional. Choosing comfortable furniture pieces that are supportive and useful is a must for any remodeling of an office. Pieces that are modular or easy to move and rearrange are a huge benefit because it allows the office to change and adapt to what it needs in the future. Using ergonomic furniture for employees is on the rise, sit-stand desks are on the rise as well which encourage employees to avoid the negative consequences of sitting all day.

Incorporating technology into the office is one of the most impressive trends we are going to see in offices this year and in the next few. Wireless charging stations, an adequate amount of plugins for laptops and other devices, as well as interactive presentation technology. Taking advantage of the best available products and technology can do a lot for boosting morale and productivity.

Color schemes and nature are another category where there is going to be a lot of growth. Companies are beginning to realize they don’t need to have boring white walls in every room. Colors can have a large impact on how people feel and choosing soothing and soft colors to put people at ease can do a lot for the office atmosphere. Adding some plants and otherwise introducing nature to the office can do the same. Naturally clean the air and give off more positive vibes when you or your office uses plants for decoration.

Important Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Furniture For Your Office


It is no secret that often furniture can be a bit pricey for high quality, durable, and stylish pieces. This is one of the most important reasons you will want to make wise decisions when purchasing furniture for your office space. To help you make the best investment in your furniture buying escapade, we have compiled a list of things to consider before purchasing your first piece.


The very first way to slim down the choices you will have to make and filter out furniture options is to find a price range and stick to your budget. This should be your first step to avoid wasting time and energy looking at pieces that aren’t within your price range.

Purpose Of The Furniture

Obviously, you are going to be looking for specific types of furniture to fit the needs of your office and workspace. Keep in mind who will be using the furniture and at what times and assess the functionality of the piece for the purposes you have in mind. Make sure the bookshelf or desk you are looking at will be large enough or offer enough storage space for the needs the office has. No use purchasing furniture that fails to live up to your demands.

It is also very important to fully consider your employees needs when designing your office space. Providing your employees with desks and ergonomic office chairs is essential to their health, wellbeing, and productivity levels.

Using Your Available Space

Your office space is only so big, cramming in extra furniture or choosing pieces that are too large for your space is a quick way to lose your professional look. Make sure to take a good look at how much room you are working with before you set out shopping for furniture. Choose to use space saving furniture like a comfy bench or sofa in the waiting room instead of packing in arm chairs. Options are available, even for small office spaces. 

The Look

It is likely that you have a theme or color palette that you are trying to pull together in your office. Work with those same ideas when choosing furniture for your office. Match colors, textures, or themes to really give your space a finished look. If brands are something that you want to shop by, make sure to choose a high quality and durable line.

Remember that you will also need to do cleaning regularly and choosing furniture that is easy to clean and doesn’t stain can be a huge benefit, especially if you will be having children in your office.

Creating a Reception Area That Feels Like Home


Reception areas are the first impression patients or clients have of an office. The layout, design, comfort, colors, lighting, and furniture can set the right tone for a successful visit or set the stage for visitors to be less than impressed. By helping visitors to have a pleasant experience even if they have to wait, it can be the first step in creating a trusting relationship between a client or patient and the professional, so it is important to take the waiting area seriously.

Try as they might, many doctors and other professionals that have scheduled appointments will inevitably be behind schedule at one point or another. This means waiting times. No one really likes to wait for things, especially scheduled appointments they were on time for. This can lead to unhappy patients, clients, or visitors.

The best way to keep these patients or clients the happiest while waiting is to create a reception area that is inviting, comfortable, and interesting. Depending on the type of business that the reception area is for, color schemes should be chosen to match, but that are also relaxing and inviting. Lighting should be considered for maximum comfort and functionality, are people filling out paperwork? Reading magazines? Relaxing? Choose visually interesting light fixtures to keep the waiting room unique and appealing.

It can be a great idea to have magazines, articles, books, or other materials available to help those that are waiting be entertained while waiting. If the company or business can afford it, many waiting areas also have a TV available.

Choosing furniture may be one of the most important elements of your reception area. Providing comfortable, clean, and functional seating for guests is vital to keeping those visiting the office happy. Any furniture that is stained, rickety, uncomfortable, or too used can give patients an uneasy feeling whether that is conscious or subliminal.

One great way to arrange and design a reception area that will make guests feel comfortable and at home is by giving it a homey feel. Instead of choosing twenty sterile, standard waiting room chairs that make patients feel like they are the next to be sentenced, try different styles of chairs, couches, loveseats, and benches. Naturally, match colors and bring the whole look together by giving the area a theme, but keep it interesting.

Choosing to add some loveseats or sofas into the mix can be just the thing to bring a waiting room together and give it just enough of a feel of home to avoid that typical waiting room gloom.

Guest, Reception and Waiting Room Chairs

Most people don’t enjoy waiting for things. People are busy and always rushing to get to the next thing. The very idea of a waiting room is not typically a pleasant one because no one wants to have to wait.

Your First Impression

While it is true that people do not like waiting, it is also true that waiting rooms are unavoidable for many business, doctors offices, and other venues and organizations. It can be very important for businesses to recognize that making their waiting rooms more comfortable and enjoyable can impact how much business they have and thereby increase profit. Choosing the right chairs can have a huge impact on client/patient/guest moods. A waiting room is usually the first impression people have of the business and can set the tone for the entire visit. The great news is that Direct Office Chairs is here to help.

How to Improve Reception

One incredibly simple way to increase how inviting and how comfortable your waiting room is, is to purchase the right chairs and arrange them in a way that makes sense for clients/patients. You want the layout of your chairs to make sense for the flow of traffic in your office.

At Direct Office Chairs we offer a wide range of high quality chairs to help you present the look you want for your business and keep clients/guests/patients comfortable and happy.

Choosing chairs that are comfortable but functional and also size appropriate are important considerations to recognize the value of when making selections. The chairs in guest rooms, reception halls, or waiting rooms also need to be durable and strong to withstand the heavy level of traffic that many see on a daily basis.

Another great reason to consider shopping with Direct Office Chairs for your waiting room chairs is not only do we offer a wide selection of fabric, vinyl, and leather guest or reception chairs to help with any office look but also that many of these chairs feature a matching high or mid back desk chair to complete a uniform look throughout your office. Having matching furniture in an office adds to the professional feel of an office.

Questions or Comments

For any questions regarding options, prices, or availability of choices and types of chairs don’t hesitate to call. Direct Office Chairs is here to help you select the best chairs to fit all your needs and help you have the best experience buying high quality chairs for your office, waiting rooms, or other needs.

How to Make a First Impression in Your Office Reception Area

Office Reception Area

Office Reception Area

Within seconds of going into the office, prospective customers will often decide what they want about your company, depending on the setup in the office. First impression, it has been said, is the lasting impression. At a glance, a customer will immediately decide your trustworthiness, and your finances, whether your company is in trouble financially or not. The potential customer will also make a determination of whether they should do business with you or not. Of course, you cannot control people’s thoughts. However, you can control how your office or reception area looks.

The Entry Way

First, you would put a bowl filled with sweets on a table or office desk in the reception area. Then you would pad the chairs or add a nice sofa. There are several other ways that you can communicate the professionalism of the office from the entry way.  Your welcoming smile may not be enough since this is what customers expect. However, you can spruce up the space with real plants. You can add lighting to create an ambiance and you can offer free Internet. Let’s go even deeper.

The Layout

The reception area must have a nice layout. You have to plan how you will execute this. You could start by strategically placing the office furniture so that the area is not crowded. You could design the space with a specific theme.  Your objective is to create a positive setting, designed tastefully to impress customers as they walk through the door.

Comfort and Relaxation

Visitors should feel comfortable as they sit on the office chairs or the sofas. Place the chairs and sofa close together so that the visitor does not have to walk too far away to be seated if the reception area is filled. Put magazines out to give the visitor something to read. Consider putting in a coffee maker as a courtesy to your visitors.

Sensible Design

Make concession for the days when the weather is bad and people are coming in and out of the reception are with mud on their shoes. To take care of this issue, design the area with a runner rug and umbrella holder left nearby the door. Use a sign that reads, “Wet Floor.”

Furniture Style

The style of the office furniture, office chairs and artwork are essential. It can add style to the reception area along with a color scheme to complement the background. The centerpiece should be the receptionist desk. Make sure that your artwork is tasteful and not overbearing.


First impression counts! The reception area can make the difference between whether a potential client returns or does business or not. Have your reception area organized to appeal to the new client and to the existing ones as well.

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Choosing Office Chairs for the Lobby

Office Chairs









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Working in an office for long periods of time can be fun and comfortable if you have a choice of the right office chair. It is more ideal to have a balance when it comes to comfort and professionalism while you are working. Many individuals would prefer to have a pleasurable office environment instead of a dull and boring one. In fact, an office looks better with an office lobby and reception area that is fresh looking, colorful and equipped with the appropriate office chairs.

Lobby Environment

Ergonomic office chairs create a nice lobby environment. In fact, these are the perfect office lobby chairs that visitors will quickly appreciate. This means that employers should not only think about their employees when selecting office chairs. The customers, clients or guests are also an important part of the business. Make a first impression with your clients by decorating or rearranging the lobby with ergonomic office chairs.

Designing the Lobby

The office chairs will set the precedence of how you design the rest of the office lobby, which tables and desk to use and how to make clients more comfortable. When you decide to remodel your office lobby, chairs are the first choice to achieve the appropriate appearance. If your goal is to create a corporate setting, then the ergonomic office chairs will be best. Choose office lobby chairs that are neutral or dark in color. Select office chairs made of leather. That is one of the most trendy and favorite for many people. Make sure you have a large sofa in the center of the lobby with one office chair on either side. This will create enough room for your clients when they come in. If you expect to have an influx of clients, then you might want to consider more office chairs – as long as you have sufficient space.

Unique Theme

If you like bright colors for your office lobby, consider taking a risk in not only colors, but the shapes of your office chairs, setting a unique theme for the office. You can choose office chairs in various shapes such as oblong, square or rectangular. While this may be more informal, it might give the office a lively feeling.


Experiment with different themes when it comes to choosing office chairs for the lobby. Allow employees to give their suggestions. Before you know it, you will have a workplace setting turned into a fun environment where your employees love to come to work.

Choosing the Ideal Reception Furniture

Reception desk

Reception desk






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When visitors enter an office, the first thing seen is the reception area. For that reason, it has to be inviting and very acceptable looking. It says a lot about the company when it is. To achieve a presentable looking reception area, it is best to have the right layout and furniture. Choosing the best items for the reception area is helpful in making it look modern and fresh. Choice is Key Before choosing the ideal reception furniture, you have to first think about the nature of the business. For example, if the industry is industrial, you would go for industrial office chairs instead of the traditional office chairs. It is not wise to buy office chairs fit for an accountant’s office when you need sturdier chairs for a medical practice. The Counter For your reception desk, you can select from a wide range of designs. Some reception areas have a U-shaped or L-shaped counter, which is functional and looks quite attractive when you walk into an office. Forget about the traditional reception desk with its rectangular shape. Try to experiment with other shapes to complement the style of the office, creating a personalized image for the company. If the office is a small one, you could choose a reception desk with a single work space. You can choose from different materials and color such as glass, metal and wood and natural colors like white or grey. Receptionist Chair Every reception area should have a nice receptionist chair, one that is not only durable, but comfortable. It is best to go for an ergonomic office chair that allows the receptionist to relax and have the appropriate back support. Choose one with strong frames and nice fabric that is easy to maintain and clean. The office chair must be able to fit comfortably behind the reception desk and high enough so the receptionist doesn’t have to always get up when a visitor walks in. Sufficient Storage Be sure that both the reception furniture and receptionist chair has sufficient storage. This will prevent the clutter of unnecessary filing cabinets and cupboards. You can store paperwork in a small filing cabinet while storing other things in the drawers of the reception desk to keep the desk free of clutter. Conclusion There are a wide range of things to think about when selecting reception furniture for the office. However, one of the most essential things is the receptionist chair for added comfort and then a receptionist desk to bring out the best in the office environment. After that, you get comfortable office chairs for visitors to sit on while they wait.

More Popular Office Reception Chair Styles

yhst-10258600314819_2268_294781015In office settings, the style and appearance of your reception area makes a big impact. After all, visitors, clients, and guests not only get a first impression of your business, but also spend time just sitting and waiting there. Especially if they are waiting for a lengthy period of time, uncomfortable or haphazard reception seating might make your client question the professionalism of your company.

Depending on the needs of your office, there are lots of factors that go into selecting reception furniture. To help narrow down what kind of seating you are looking for, here are 5 more popular types of office reception chairs to consider.


Commonly available with and without arms, traditional reception area chairs are often a standard foam cushioned chair with four legs. They have a sturdy wood frame and can be upholstered with fabric, vinyl, leather, or other materials. While traditional reception chairs are a fairly safe choice, they might not match the style or needs of some businesses.

Love Seats

Often found in homes, love seats are also a popular type of reception chair. Suited for one or more people, the main benefit of love seats is a more comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. They are often available in all sorts of colors and upholstery materials, so this type of plush seating can be fairly easily matched to the style of your office.

While some waiting areas are size limited, those that have ample space and want to evoke a more comfortable feeling will find that a few love seats make great additions.


Similar to love seats, sofas are also a comfort-orientated type of reception seating. Comparably plush, welcoming, and available in various types and colors, the main benefit of sofas is that they are longer and provide plenty of seating. They also often come in sets and are paired with love seats to create a square guest area that encourages interaction.

While they require a lot of space, sofas are especially ideal if your office sees a lot of families or groups since sofas allow all of them to sit together.


A more contemporary type of seating, swivel guest chairs are often made of colorful metal mesh or contoured polyurethane. As a result, they are fairly easy to clean and maintain. In addition, they bring a lot of color, life, and style into a modern or high tech office setting.

Furthermore, while some types are upholstered and padded like standard guest chairs, many swivel chairs are suited for both indoor and outdoor settings.


Often available in sets or standalone pieces, modular reception chairs work well in contemporary office waiting areas. They are typically upholstered with comfortable padding and have a metal framework. Modular chair sets usually have multiple chairs acting as corner or middle pieces that can be grouped into a couch or function separately.

Whether you want circular guest seating or chairs that can be reconfigured into different collaborative arraignments for special events, modular chairs are the most versatile type.