Choosing the Right Heavy Duty Chairs for a Large Person

Choosing the Right Heavy Duty Chairs for a Large Person

It is ideal to start the day off at work seated in the appropriate office chair, especially if you are a largely built person. In fact, where and how you sit is as important as ensuring that you are nutritionally healthy. If you are somewhat overweight or larger than the normal person, it is even more important that your office chair and desk be the right fit. You should sit in a heavy duty chair that provides support and allows you to maintain your posture.


When you think about ergonomics, you would consider the most comfort, support and a healthy environment while at work. A heavy duty chair offers all of these things. Your body type should be taken into consideration when you are assigned a chair at work. The Human Resources Office should be aware of the necessity for ergonomic comfort for workers with larger frames. If not, it is in the best interest of the worker to discuss this with a supervisor or manager and not just sit in the discomfort.

Heavy Duty Chairs

Heavy duty office chairs provide the capability of sitting higher, but also a wider seat choice and seat that contours the back. Employees will also be able to take advantage of additional ergonomic features to match their size and height.

The Standard Office Chair

It is unfortunate, though, that many employees overlook the seriousness of an ill-suited work space – until they start having back pains. This is especially true for desk chairs. Don’t believe that one size will fit all. It doesn’t work like that. The standard office chair is built to carry a maximum weight of 200 pounds. What then will happen if a 400 pound individual sits in that chair? It is not going to be a pretty sight or good experience. These days, manufacturers are taking notice of the demand for heavy duty office chairs for larger people. More office chairs are being constructive for heavier usage and more weight capacity. This is great news for the person who is larger and has to sit in a standard office chair. Workers can now sit comfortably and feel safe working without the risk of serious accidents and detriment to their health.

Durability and Performance

If you are looking for a heavy duty office chair that won’t fall apart once you sit on it, then try to find a company that specializes in these types of office furniture. Your money will be well spent. Most of these office chairs are moderately priced and boasts a variety of features. They are sturdy with strong designs to ensure durability and high performance. The chair must fit the user and be comfortable as was initially recommended. Not all chairs are ergonomic, though. Look for ones that have various modification features, flexibility, height range and padding. You should be able to make adjustments to the seat pan height and the pneumatic height. If you are unsure about these features, ask questions prior to your purchase. It will do you good to know about how to operate your newly purchased heavy duty office chair. You are the one who will sit in it for extended periods of time. Enjoy sitting!

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