Common Types of Office Chairs

desktop-63954_640Whether you are looking for a chair for your workplace or just a home office, there are many types to consider. Choosing your chair should not be a rushed decision. After all, you will be the one spending many long hours sitting in it.

Many find that choosing a chair that is suited to their style of work and designed to promote good posture results in more comfort. Especially if you’ve experienced back pain or stiffness after a typical work day, you may benefit from a chair that is more ergonomic. It should be suited to your body type, the type of work you do, and the dimensions of your desk and office space. Adjustable elements such as seat height and lumbar support should be considered as well.

We suggest making a list of things you’ve liked and disliked about your current office chair or types of chairs you’ve tried in the past. Also keep in mind your personal sitting habits. Being more aware of your individual preferences can help narrow your decision.

While there are many specialized types of chairs out there, consider these most common types of office chairs.

Steno Chair

The most basic type of office chair, steno chairs were made for secretarial staff. These chairs often don’t come with armrests, as they would get in the way of secretaries who need to move around the office and get up to run errands. They are usually low backed and adjustable in height using a simple lift mechanism.

This style is meant for more occasional use, and can cause back problems if used for long stretches of time. If you tend to be up and about often, this type might suit your needs.

Executive Chair

For some of you, this plush type of chair may have popped into your mind as you thought about comfortable office chairs. Often the most expensive, executive chairs usually have very high backs and come in attractive leather or fabric material. Some are quite customizable, with adjustable arms and seat backs, or abilities like being able to freely recline back.

Executive chairs are good for making a stylish impression, meeting with clients, and reading through documents. However, they are not always the most ergonomic or supportive if you are frequently working on the computer or other projects for long periods.

Task/Computer Chair

As the name implies, this type of chair was designed for working on a computer or tasks situated at a desk. They are extremely varied, but the more ergonomic of these task chairs often offer a range of adjustability in seat depth, back support, knee and back tilt tension, seat height, and other aspects. They are also often covered using materials ranging from leather to mesh.

In many modern workplaces, employees spend the majority of their day doing work on computers. Ergonomic and adjustable task chairs can be the most supportive for those long stretches at work, as not only can you get more customized support for your individual needs, but task chairs were made with desk work in mind.

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