Creating a Reception Area That Feels Like Home


Reception areas are the first impression patients or clients have of an office. The layout, design, comfort, colors, lighting, and furniture can set the right tone for a successful visit or set the stage for visitors to be less than impressed. By helping visitors to have a pleasant experience even if they have to wait, it can be the first step in creating a trusting relationship between a client or patient and the professional, so it is important to take the waiting area seriously.

Try as they might, many doctors and other professionals that have scheduled appointments will inevitably be behind schedule at one point or another. This means waiting times. No one really likes to wait for things, especially scheduled appointments they were on time for. This can lead to unhappy patients, clients, or visitors.

The best way to keep these patients or clients the happiest while waiting is to create a reception area that is inviting, comfortable, and interesting. Depending on the type of business that the reception area is for, color schemes should be chosen to match, but that are also relaxing and inviting. Lighting should be considered for maximum comfort and functionality, are people filling out paperwork? Reading magazines? Relaxing? Choose visually interesting light fixtures to keep the waiting room unique and appealing.

It can be a great idea to have magazines, articles, books, or other materials available to help those that are waiting be entertained while waiting. If the company or business can afford it, many waiting areas also have a TV available.

Choosing furniture may be one of the most important elements of your reception area. Providing comfortable, clean, and functional seating for guests is vital to keeping those visiting the office happy. Any furniture that is stained, rickety, uncomfortable, or too used can give patients an uneasy feeling whether that is conscious or subliminal.

One great way to arrange and design a reception area that will make guests feel comfortable and at home is by giving it a homey feel. Instead of choosing twenty sterile, standard waiting room chairs that make patients feel like they are the next to be sentenced, try different styles of chairs, couches, loveseats, and benches. Naturally, match colors and bring the whole look together by giving the area a theme, but keep it interesting.

Choosing to add some loveseats or sofas into the mix can be just the thing to bring a waiting room together and give it just enough of a feel of home to avoid that typical waiting room gloom.

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