Developing A Professional Style For The Office

Entering the professional world can be pretty intimidating for those that aren’t used to the professional lifestyle, wardrobe, and decor. Not to mention, you have to learn your way around the office, how to use the copy machine, and any computer programs that the company uses. To take a bit of the pressure off, we want to help you get started creating your own professional style not only in dress and appearance, but also in how you organize and decorate your office. Let’s get started.

Find Your Own Style

While there are some pretty solid and established guidelines for dressing and looking professional for work, there is some flexibility to allow for personalization. One of the most basic rules is to not wear jeans. Jeans are comfortable and lovely, but they often do not have a place in the business world. Many companies or small businesses will have a designated casual day in which you can wear jeans, so save yours for that day or your day off.

If you are a woman, take the time to shop for appropriate tops and blouses. Find tops that are something you would be comfortable talking to your new boss in. It can be important to watch necklines as many are lower than you may realize until you are standing in a business meeting and feeling uncomfortable. Men, make sure to find appropriate colored shirts and matching ties. Dressing the part can make you feel much more confident on your first day.

Office Style

You likely will have space that is designated as yours at your new office job. If you have an office to yourself you have the opportunity to make it your own and to add any professional touches you think of. The key is to keep things neutral, but welcoming to any clients or coworkers you may be meeting with. Having an office plant or two is a great touch that makes many people feel more at home. You may choose to have a picture of your family in your office, but it is strongly recommended for you to consider who will be seeing those pictures before putting them in your office.

Another very important tip for anyone that is striving to have a professional space is to have a filing or organizational system that you utilize. Having stacks of papers everywhere makes you look unprofessional and like you aren’t competent at your job.

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