Does an Ergonomic Office Chair Benefit Sciatica Nerve Issues?

Ergonomic office chair

Ergonomic office chair

In case you are not aware, the longest nerve in the body is the sciatica nerve. It runs from the pelvis area to a person’s feet. Sciatic has proven to be quite painful, if you were to ask those affected. It causes the nerve to become irritated and compressed. Why? When the lumbar disc slips, this will result in the sciatica nerve being adversely affected.

The Affected Person

The person being affected will suffer numbness, consistent pain, and tingling in the legs and buttocks on the side where it hurts the most. It is a nightmare to sit, lift the legs and to do normal tasks. With an ergonomic chair, you can feel differently. Yes, it hurts, but being seated in the right office chair will alleviate the pressure felt from contact with a flat surface.

The Pain and Relief

The pain will usually disturb the person’s quality of life because relief is so difficult to find. In other words, while physical therapy and prescribed medication is helpful in minimizing the pain, there are several things to incorporate into your daily life in order to feel better. Sitting on an ergonomic office chair is one such viable solution.

The Adjustment Features

The ergonomic office chair is helpful in aiding hip alignment, ensuring that the body maintains a natural posture while being seated for long periods of time. As long as the office chair has adjustable features, it is easier to find comfort for sciatic nerve pain while being seated.

Kneeling for Relief

With the traditional office chairs, the spine is parallel to the ground, and being seated on a kneeling chair will alleviate pressure on the thighs and spine due to its 135 degree angled position. This open angled or kneeling posture has proven to help sciatica nerve sufferers in a major way. Ergonomic kneel stools or kneeling office chairs are considered to be the ideal solution for the sciatica nerve condition. There are several reasons for this. Let’s take a closer look.

Lean In

When seated in a kneeling office chair, you will be able to support the entire upper body as you lean against your buttocks. You will also support your legs as you lean on your knees. The surface area as it comes in contact with the kneeling office chair is increased and lessens the pressure on the legs and back of the person sitting. In the end, the sciatic nerve pressure will be relieved.


More importantly, while seated in an ergonomic styled chair like a kneeling chair, the pressure on the thighs, back, spine and buttocks will be reduced and blood circulation in the lower limbs will be improved. It may take time to get accustomed to sitting in your unconventional ergonomic office chair, but over time, you should get used to it.

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