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Are you seated while reading this? If so, are you holding the right seated position or are you slumped in your chair? Is your office chair comfortable or are you having constant back pain due to uncomfortable seating? Yes, did you know that your office chair could be the cause of your back pain? If your back is not supported while you are seated, it could cause you tremendous medical issues. If you feel numbness in areas such as your rear end or lower thighs while seated, this could also be as a result of your office chair. These symptoms will only exasperate over time.

No Support

When you are seated in ergonomic office chairs, for example, you are provided with more options since this type of chair has adjustable features. An ergonomic office chair allows you to make adjustments to various areas of the chair. In so doing, you will relax your neck and back while working for long periods of time. Whether you are feeling pain for sitting long or not, you can still experience discomfort and have poor posture in an office chair that is unsupportive.

Shapes, Colors and Sizes

You will see office chairs that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Some will have high backs and some medium backs while there are others that come in various colors and with different adjustable features. It is best to choose the appropriate office chair that is comfortable, but yet matches the décor of the office. So choose dark colors, but colors that are consistent to the rest of the office furniture.

The Right Chair

If you are an employer who is shopping for the right office chairs for your employees, you may be tempted to go cheap. However, before doing so, conduct a research on the type of chairs that will best suit your workers and the ones that will allow employees to provide more productivity to the company. You will see many options to choose from. You won’t be confused if you do your research and find chairs that can be adjusted to suit a particular employee. So, you want to look for adjustable office chairs with excellent back support and comfort. It would be ideal to take someone along when shopping for your ergonomic office chair. This person could help you to make the right choice.


Look for an office chair that provides good support in the lower back area.  Find one that can adjust the seat height, arm rest and back rest. Search for affordability too, but in the end, comfort should be the deciding factor.

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