Ergonomic Chairs: A Substitute for Traditional Office Chairs


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Employees will generally complain about back pains, sore arms and shoulders, fatigued legs and stiff necks, just from being seated in an office chair for long periods of time each day. The primary reason for these issues is the fact that while in a seated position, the individual has a static posture, which can severely impact the overall state of the legs, shoulders, arms, neck and back.

Stress on the Body

While being seated for long hours, the body can undergo a lot of stress. Specific areas of the body will tend to slouch without you even realizing it. Many people sit in improper ways, therefore, affecting the posture and adding to much pressure on the spine and back muscles.

Discomfort and Lack of Support

Another aspect that is of significance is the discomfort and lack of support that employees experience when sitting in an office chair for longer than usual periods of time. Every office worker should be comfortable at work. No one should be at risk for health problems that are related to sitting in an office chair.

Ergonomic Chairs

Employers should make the proper accommodations for their workers. Ergonomic chairs are the ideal solution and substitute for the traditional office chair. Why? Well, these are made specially to support the back, arms, neck and legs. They promote good posture and prevent problems related to back pain. Many employers have evolved from the customary office chair and are choosing ergonomic styles of office chairs for their staff. If you want your employee to work in comfort and work efficiently, ergonomic chairs are the best solutions.

Different Types of Ergonomic Chairs

The kneeling ergonomic chair is just as it implies. You don’t sit in it, but kneel instead, which makes it easier on the back. The chair comes with support for the shins and knees. Without a back, it encourages the ideal posture and alignment of the back, neck and shoulders, alleviating any pressure, stress and tension on the knees, spine or pelvic area. There is also a recliner ergonomic chair, which is best for employees who like to recline comfortably for various health reasons. Some of them come with attached tables, which can rotate over the chair, designed perfectly for those working with a laptop. The saddle ergonomic chair is shaped like a horse saddle. It can turn into a desk or a computer chair. The employee will be seated in a position as if riding a horse with the legs dropped, creating the ideal position for individuals with back pain. The exercise ball ergonomic office chair is a modern style and great for people who work long hours.


Ergonomic chairs for the office are specifically designed as a solution for office workers who have to sit while working. It is in the best interest of employers to get their office workers good chairs to sit on while working in order to eliminate health issues and work more efficiently and effective.


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