Establishing a Happy and Healthy Workspace

happy workspaceIt’s important to establish a healthy and happy environment in the workspace. Doing so can help boost productivity and performance among the staff as well as benefit customers and shareholders. It is very important to have open communication with your employees. Regular recognition of achievements along with constructive feedback help ensure happy and productive employees. Happy and engaged employees are more likely to contribute in ways unhappy employees wouldn’t. Happy employees tend to get to work on time, go over and above their responsibilities, and help their co-workers more often. Studies show that when employees enjoy where they work, they tend to be far more successful.

Below are some ways to help make your workspace happier and more productive.

  1. Make sure your employees have the proper tools and equipment to be successful. Investing in a proper chair (like an ergonomic office chair) can help posture as well as health.
  2. Don’t overload your employees. Many people feel like they are doing the job of two or more people. They are stressed and overwhelmed with the amount they have to do which can lead them to feeling unhappy and less productive in the long run.
  3. Say “thank you”. It’s important for employees to feel valued. As a leader you should show your appreciation. This can generate innovation and enthusiasm among the staff.
  4. Have a relaxation space. Employees need breaks. It’s important that the breaks help the employees to unwind and destress.
  5. Provide plenty of natural light. Poor lighting can make a person feel drained and unproductive. Natural light helps employees stay alert and energized. If you don’t have windows, encourage employees to take a break outside.
  6. Train employees properly. Make responsibilities clear from the get go. Educating staff of the correct way to handle issues that may arise, and having open communication can make all the difference in a work environment.
  7. Be open to feedback. Asking employees feedback can boost moral and makes them feel involved in the decisions of the company.
  8. Music. We don’t often realize the effect noise makes to our environment. Listening to music releases dopamine and helps improve mood. It can boost motivation and inspiration. As well as help avoid distractions.
  9. Keep it clean. A clean working environment can make all the difference in the world. It can improve motivation, health, and image of the company.

Adopting these suggestions can help you and the success of your business.

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