Executive Leather Office Chairs

You know the iconic scene in old movies where the antagonist spins around in the big fancy leather chair to say, “I’ve been expecting you.” That is the kind of chair we are talking about here. At one time in business history it was a highly coveted type of chair that was reserved for C.E.O. or other executives that were higher up in the company chain because of price. These days it has become more accessible for everyone because of the increase in retailers and the manufacturing advancements made in the last few years have allowed these high quality chairs to become more affordable and allowed vendors to provide a larger selection of style and material to customers.

What Your Chair Says About You

Your chair can say a lot about you. For this reason here at Direct Office Chairs we offer a wide selection of executive leather chairs to fit everyone’s style and needs. We have leather, eco-leather, and faux leather office chairs to help provide everyone with the best match for their personality, personal style, and office. Being able to personalize your chair by choosing style, fabric-type, and color can help your office feel more comfortable to you as well as providing your body with the support it needs. We are here to help you with any questions that you might have and want you to have the best experience shopping for your office. We believe in providing customers with quality made chairs made with outstanding craftsmanship.

Why Should I Have a High Quality Chair?

It can be taxing on your body to be sitting all day at work. Having a high quality and comfortable chair can be a great way to reduce the strain on your body. Occasionally walking around the office or doing small stretches can also help with soreness. A chair adjustable in height helps you to be able to sit at the correct height to your computer screen and keyboard to minimize how much you have to lean forward or back, which can add stress to your back, spine, and neck which can cause unnecessary pain.

About Our Selection

We are pleased to offer different options such as eco-leather which is generally made with natural fibers like flax or cotton mixed with plant oils that can be layered together and comes out looking and feeling like leather. Faux leather chairs are also available which are made of a plastic fabric. These are great options for offices that want to be environmentally conscious and animal friendly.

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