Exercise At Work!

Many of us, especially those of us that work at a computer or desk for the majority of the day, aren’t getting enough exercise. Many people don’t feel like they have time or money for a gym membership. Those that have other responsibilities following work and have little time for themselves, let alone time to go to the gym every day, can largely benefit from doing simple short exercises right from their desk or work place.

Take The Stairs And Increase Your Steps

Instead of hitting that elevator button and going for a minute ride, go ahead and get yourself ready to take the stairs. Taking the stairs is a small burst of aerobic exercise which can help strengthen the heart. If you have small stairs or feel like you need a harder workout, take the steps two at a time to increase the difficulty.

Simply increasing the number of steps you take every day can help you feel and look better. Park at the end of the lot and enjoy your walk into work or take walking lunch breaks. Bring a small water bottle that you need to fill up every hour or so and walk to the water dispenser.

Use Your Desk And Chair

You probably don’t keep any exercise equipment in your cubicle or office, but you can use what you have. There are countless simple exercises that you can do using your desk and your office chair. Choosing an ergonomic chair is very important for your health, but adding in some stretching and little workouts throughout the day can help reduce any chances of developing back pain or other pains.

There are many helpful workout tips and exercises all over the internet, it’s time to put them to use! Try doing some desk push-ups or a few quick squats before you sit down. Your imagination is pretty much the limit here. If you find some exercises you don’t particularly enjoy, just look for some alternative ones that exercise what you are trying to exercise. There are books, videos and articles galore detailing exercises that can be done at work. You can choose from exercises that use your desk and chair and those that you do without using anything. Whatever you choose, get moving!
Feeling good and looking good can start at work. Not only will these little bursts of activity help you feel stronger and healthier, they can also help you be more productive at work. Getting your blood flowing will help you be able to focus better on tasks and get more done in a shorter time. Start incorporating simple exercises today to feel better about yourself in more than one way!

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