Eyestrain: Another Common Office Injury


Eyestrain is a pretty common eye injury, especially for those that work in an office setting. This happens when you are using your eyes a lot a.k.a. straining them. Working on a computer or viewing other screens for extended periods of times is one of the most common reasons for experiencing eyestrain. Driving long distances, or reading without taking breaks are some alternative causes of eyestrain. 

Computer work and screen viewing stresses the eyes extensively because many people who are using screens do not view them at the proper distance and people tend to blink less while staring at monitors. This causes problems because blinking is important for keeping the eye moisturized.

So what are some of the signs or symptoms of eyestrain? Most are what you would probably expect from something called, ‘eyestrain’. Having sore or tired feeling eyes that may burn or itch is one of the most common symptoms. Headaches are another common sign that you may be experiencing eyestrain. It may even get so bad that you have difficulty concentrating or are dealing with blurred or double vision. Some people report watery eyes while others have trouble with their eyes feeling dry.

If you suspect you may be experiencing eyestrain there are a few things you can do at home. If these things do not relieve your signs or symptoms talk to your doctor about what you can do.

One of the best preventative measures you can take is to manage the lighting of your work station. Do not have light that shines directly into your eyes, keep any lights that are in front of your work area shaded. Keep the room well lit when working or reading material that is close up.

When you are working for a long time remember how important it is to give your eyes breaks. If you are using screens or reading for long periods or performing other close up work, try to give your eyes a break at least every half hour or so. Look away from the page or screen and close your eyes for a moment before returning to work.

Try to limit your exposure to screens if possible. If you spend lots of time working on computers for your job remember to use proper posture while using the computer. Make sure that your chair is adjustable so you can position it at the correct height for viewing your monitor.

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