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Once you spend a considerable amount of time in an office each day, you will find yourself seated in an office chair for most of the time. This will add stress to your lower back and spine, especially if you sit in the same position every day. Therefore, if you want to avoid back problems, it is essential that your office chair be ergonomic, which means it should support the lower back and promote excellent posture.

Best Type of Ergonomic Office Chair

There are a wide range of ergonomic office chairs that you can choose from. There is no special type that would be considered best. However, there are specific features that will make for an excellent ergonomic office chair. In fact, each individual has specific needs so an ergonomic office chair should be purchased according to those needs.

Office Chair Features to Consider

Traditional office chairs are a thing of the past, especially if the employer has had those chairs for a long time. It is the employer’s responsibility to change out office chairs as long as they have served various employees for a considerable amount of time. It would not be fair to a new employee to sit in a traditional style chair that has seen many years. So, employers, it is time to invest in your employees by purchasing the right office chair to include features that cater to their needs.

Seat Height

The seat height of an office chair is important so that employees can adjust it according to their height and weight. Make sure that the chair comes equipped with a pneumatic lever that can easily adjust. Most people should be able to handle an office chair with seat height of up to 21 inches off the ground. The employee can then sit with feet flat, arms close to the computer and thighs horizontally placed.

Lower Back Support

Posture and back support is also an important aspect of sitting in an office chair. An ergonomic chair offers adequate support for the lower and upper back. When you sit for many hours without supporting your lumbar spine, you will find yourself slouching and after a while, you will start having back pains. An ergonomic office chair will help you to adjust your lumbar spine to fit your height and weight.


A good office chair needs a comfortable back rest and an ergonomic office chair provides all of this. You will be able to adjust it to suit your particular needs for the proper support. Your backrest and seat should come all in one piece because then you will be able to adjust it in different positions.

Seat Fabric

The seat fabric should be well padded so that you can sit comfortably for long hours. The fabric should also preferable be durable since you will be seated in it for some time.


Ergonomic office chairs are the ideal solution to comfort and support. You will be able to work productively and then don’t mind sitting for long hours to complete assigned projects. Therefore, employers should take note of this.

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