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Do you remember how it used to be in kindergarten, elementary, high school, and college? Were you ever fortunate to sit in a comfortable chair throughout your time in school? What about when you finally got your first job? Did your office chair measure up to your expectations or did it bring back memories of sitting behind a cooped-up desk in the most uncomfortable chair? It should not be like that, but in many instances, it is. Many employees are sitting in office chairs that remind them of the past; a time of discomfort.

It is About Time

It is time to start flirting with a new office chair, begging for a replacement that is well overdue. Why don’t you have a long talk with your employer to let him or her know how much flirting with that current office chair is just not working anymore? You need a new chair; possibly the ergonomic version of an office chair.

Kindergarten Chair

In kindergarten, you were either a boy or girl, sitting in that little blue or pink chair, which was positioned around a circular table that you shared with other kids. It was a fun time, though your memories were not about the chair, per say, but about making clay and having sticky hands. There was no time to flirt with that chair. One thing for sure – no one thought of replacing it.

Elementary Chair

Unlike your existing office chair, in elementary school, you were much more comfy than Kindergarten. You actually had a nice chair and desk of your own. You were too busy working on math problems, though to think too much about your chair.

High School

High school was a little more uncomfortable because then you had longer legs and arms. Your office chair and high school chair probably had a lot more in common. Your wish now is to forget about those years of discomfort and find a chair that you can really flirt with; the one they call ergonomic office chair. Why isn’t anyone listening that this is one of the best seats on the market?


As the months went by, the wishful thinking continued. Then suddenly, it seemed as if someone heard after all. Today, the boss had five ergonomic office chairs delivered to the job. And guess what? One of them was mine! I could now put the past behind me -kindergarten, elementary and high school. I could also throw out my existing office chair and begin flirting with my new office chair – ergonomics and all; a masterpiece! If you can identify with this story, you know what time it is – time for a new office chair with ergonomic features. Ask your boss about it because that is the same chair he or she is sitting in!

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