Four More Common Types of Office Chairs

conference-room-386366_640Let’s be honest. Most people wouldn’t mind leaning back in a plush, leather executive chair while at work. However, choosing seating that is well suited to the needs and limitations of your office takes a bit more deliberation. Steno, executive, and task chairs are fairly basic, but they are certainly not the only options.

Whether your top priority is price, adjustability, or appearance, here are four more common types of office chairs to consider.

Mesh Chairs

A popular ergonomic option, mesh chairs tend to be quite customizable and comfortable. They are usually black in color and feature a modern streamlined look. Some come in a guest chair style, however, most mesh chairs are designed with desk workers in mind.

The major advantage of mesh chairs is their optimized air circulation. Thanks to the mesh material these chairs are made of, the sitter stays comfortable and cool from the increased air flow. Especially if you stay seated for long stretches of time or work in the summer, choosing a mesh chair can keep you from feeling sticky and hot.

Folding and Stacking Chairs

Economic and low maintenance, folding and stacking chairs are quite versatile. As their names entail, these chairs can be stacked or folded up, making them great for office environments that occasionally need to seat a lot of people but have limited space. When they aren’t in use, folding and stacking chairs are also easier to store than bulkier types.

Usually made of metal or hard plastic, you’d be surprised at the range of appealing colors these chairs come in. In addition, folding and stacking chairs can be quickly wiped down and kept clean, which is especially beneficial in areas like an office break room or kitchen.

Specialty Chairs

The dimensions of most office chairs are made for the average Joe, however, many of us are far from average. Whether being shorter, taller, or larger is your particular challenge, specialty office chairs can be lifesavers for those long work days.

For shorter individuals, a footrest or petite office chair can be necessary. However, for taller and larger individuals, not having a chair suited to your size is especially taxing. If you’ve ever been concerned about your chair breaking beneath you or feel like you’re always crammed into your seat with your knees up to your ears, consider looking into Big & Tall chairs.

Not only do specialty Big & Tall chairs usually have wider seats, but many have a weight capacity upwards of 300 lbs.

Boardroom Chairs

Commonly found in boardrooms and conference rooms, this type of office chair combines a professional appearance with comfort. This is especially key when meetings run long, since it is difficult for most people to focus if they feel their seat is uncomfortable.

Often available with and without wheels, boardroom chairs make a big impact in how a business is represented during important staff, sales, and executive meetings. Made to support and impress, many boardroom chairs come in a classy combination of leather and polished wood.

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