The Four Different Types of Swivel Chairs

yhst-10258600314819_2268_283626783From young kids to grown adults, nearly everyone loves swivel chairs. There’s something about a chair that allows you to spin and rotate 360 degrees that brings out the inner child in all of us. However, swivels are not only fun, but they are also popular chairs well suited to office settings. Namely, swivel chairs allow workers to turn around to reach items or rotate to speak to someone without having to physically move the chair from its position.

In addition, while they all work in fairly similar manners, there are actually several varieties of swivel chairs. Whether you’re interested in purchasing one to use at work, in your home office, or at the kitchen counter, check out these four common types of swivel chairs.

Standard Office Swivel

Probably the most common type of swivel chair, most desk and computer chairs used by employees is a standard office swivel. With a mid-to-low back, this type is what most people visualize when asked to think about a swivel chair.

Typically fabric or mesh covered, standard office swivel chairs are usually height adjustable and sometimes come with hard plastic or metal armrests.

Executive Style Swivel

The type that many movie bosses use for their dramatic introduction where they turn around in their chair, executive style swivels are a grade above employee seating. Often made from polished wood and quality dark leather, executive swivels are characterized by their high back and professional appearance. They are also more expensive than your standard swivel.

In addition, some executive swivel chairs also double as a reclining chair. As a result, when they are viewed from the other side of the desk, executive swivels look like a standard managers chair but have all the functionality and mobility of a swivel.

Drafting Stool Swivel

A favorite of designers and architects, drafting stool swivels are essentially a rotating stool chair. This type is predominately meant to be used with a drafting table, workbench, or elevated counter space. Thus, they look much like a standard office swivel except for two main differences. Namely, drafting stool swivels are often taller and come with a foot bar or foot ring for the sitter to rest their feet on.

These two key features are due to the greater height of most drafting tables as well as the tendency of designers to perch and survey over their work, thus requiring footrests to maintain their balance while sitting.

In addition to office use, drafting stool swivels are also quite popular in home settings, especially for use at a high kitchen island or bar setting.

Stationary Swivel

While their name might seem contradictory at first, stationary swivels still provide a full 360 swivel rotation; however, they are distinguished by their leg-less base. While most swivel chairs are paired with a 5-star base and casters for increased mobility, this type of swivel has a fairly immobile or fixed base.

Sometimes called a swivel egg pod chair, stationary swivels often come in bright colors and are typically found in sleek modern office settings.

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