Functionality of Ergonomic Chairs

Functions of the Ergonomic Chairs







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These days, most individuals are aware of ergonomics, ergonomic chairs and what it means. They know that these types of furniture are healthier for the body since it aids in the maintenance of natural posture, subsequently reducing stress to the muscles, nerves and bones. While you may know about ergonomics, chair manufacturers and furniture companies use other design terms that you may not understand. Below is a list of several ergonomic terms that you may want to get acquainted with, especially if you are a business owner getting ready to buy an ergonomic office chair.

Height Adjustability for Backrest

This is one of the functions on the ergonomic chairs that hels the user to change the height of the backrest to get more lumbar support. No matter the height of the user, this function is accommodating to anyone, offering curve support when the chair comes in contact with the back.

Padded Armrests

The padded armrest on ergonomic chairs is ideal for users who are looking for comfort for their elbows and forearms. It alleviates the pressure of typing all day on a computer with the comfort of an armrest to take breaks.

Lumbar Support

This is one of the most essential features of the ergonomic office chair. Its intention is to prevent your spine from flattening while you are seated. For lumbar support, the shape of the backrest is important, allowing the user to be comfortably seated for longer periods of time.

Height Adjustability for Armrests

This height adjustability function on ergonomic chairs allow users to change the height of the armrests to match their own body. Doing so will prevent you from using the chair when the armrests is too low or too high. If the height is not adjusted, this might cause pressure on the inside of the elbows and forearms. It could also make the user slump while seated, leaning on one side of the armrest.

Adjustability of Lumbar Depth

The adjustability of the lumbar depth is a feature on ergonomic chairs that affect size and firmness of the curve on the chair to subsequently provide lumbar support. This feature accommodates various body types and also accommodates the user’s preference.

Adjustment of Armrests Width

This feature allows users to alter the distance between each armrest. If you want the best ergonomic office chair experience, you wouldn’t want your armrests to be too close to each other. This would only result in a bending of the wrist to the side during typing. That is the reason why so many people suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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