Why a Good Office Chair Matters


Just like how a good bed drastically impacts how you feel after sleeping on it, the office chair you spend most of the day in also has big effects on your body. We all are familiar with the negative consequences of working day in and day out while sitting in a bad office chair. Ranging from back pain and stiffness to serious carpal tunnel and herniated lumbar disks, a good office chair is an important tool that reduces damage to your health while you work.

There are many different types of chairs, but everyone can feel the difference that comes from sitting in an office chair that is ergonomically sound and matches their personal needs. Here are three benefits of a good office chair.

Less Back Pain and Stiffness

If sitting all day at work often results in stiffness or an aching back, chances are your work chair isn’t ergonomic or is the wrong type for your body. An important fact to keep in mind is that lumbar support is critical. One of the biggest issues that many office chairs have is that they are not designed to support the lumbar spine, or lower back. Since that spinal region naturally curves inward, if your office chair isn’t ergonomically designed to support that curve in your back, pain and stiffness can result. Make sure that the back of your office chair supports the right area, as sometimes the cushioning that’s meant to be lumbar support is placed too high and is actually supporting the middle back.

While sitting at work is inevitable for those with desk jobs, a good ergonomic office chair can minimize the often associated discomfort and pain.

Increased Productivity

A good office chair allows you to work better and more efficiently. After all, if you are constantly uncomfortable and have to keep adjusting how you sit, you can’t focus as well on your work. For some, it’s the type of chair back or the material that makes them subconsciously stiffen up or feel constantly itchy where the chair touches their body.

The average office has enough distractions. While you can’t do much about those, a good office chair can increase your comfort and thus boost your productivity.

Reduced Physical Stress

Sitting for a long period of time puts a lot of stress on different parts of your body. Regions like your back, knees, neck, and shoulders are fairly obvious as they tend to get sore or crackle when you stand.

But did you know that your heart, pancreas, hips, and circulation are strained as well? Part of the problem is bad sitting posture, which is often exacerbated by office chairs that don’t provide enough support and end up making your body gravitate towards a bad sitting position.

Of course, addressing all of these physical stress points relies on us remembering to get up and move every once in a while, but at the bare minimum a good office chair can help improve how we sit and reduce the amount of stress on our bodies.

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