Halloween Spirit In The Office

As much as we love and support the idea of of increasing office morale by providing all your employees with the best possible office chairs that are ergonomic and comfortable, we know that sometimes you need some other ideas to keep the atmosphere in the office at a happy and productive level.

Since it is October and that means the beginning of all the holidays really, with Halloween being the first in line, we searched around and found some fun and easy ways to boost the holiday spirit and the office staff’s spirits as well! Feel free to take a look below for some fun competitions, activities, and treats to celebrate and have fun in the office.

Door Decorating Competition

This one is always a blast. In order to get everyone’s creative juices flowing and to help the office get in the spirit of Halloween, have everyone decorate their office door and then have a panel of judges select a winner! This can be done in groups or individually! The office manager or a group of employees can be elected to put together a list of rules that include the things that won’t be allowed. You want the competition to be fun, but still office appropriate.

Halloween Party

This is the most basic idea when it comes to celebrating a holiday in the office. You can decide to have a party during everyone’s lunch hour or after work if you want. Everyone can bring their favorite food, or food that is in the spirit of halloween, and everyone can relax, eat, and drink their favorites! This gives employees a chance to unwind from the intensity of regular work and develop better relationships with their coworkers.

Have A Dress Up Day

Halloween doesn’t always fall on a work day but luckily (or unluckily) it does this year. Give your employees a chance to dress up in their costumes this year to make the day feel more special. Again, everyone will have to agree to dress appropriately for the workplace, but encourage at least small ways your employees can show their spirit. It can be as simple as having headbands or witch’s hats. Just have fun and enjoy all the good things that come out of having fun and celebrating good times together.

Pass Out Treats

If you want to put in some effort, you can always make small treats to pass out to everyone in the office that have a cute message for your employees. This is often better for small offices where you don’t have to make hundreds of small treats!

What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate Halloween in the office? Have your employers done anything spectacular for you in the past?

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