Have a Case of Computer Back?


Computers are an inevitable and necessary part of our modern world. Many of us spend hours at a desk computer or at a laptop everyday either during work hours or as students attending university.

Hunching over a computer every day for long hours can lead to pain in your body, especially your neck and back. A very common syndrome that can develop from incorrect posture is often referred to as computer back. This basically happens when you spend a lot of time hunching over your keyboard and leaning towards your monitor.

Some of the side effects of not sitting correctly and learning forward can include more than just back pain. You can develop headaches from the muscle tension in your neck and upper body. You can also have muscle tension in your lower back, hips, thighs, and legs depending on how poor your normal posture is while doing work.

Sitting incorrectly for long periods can even interfere with your breathing and the muscles involved with that. This can cause other muscles to have to go into overtime causing continued stress and pain in your shoulders and back.

To help avoid these painful and irritating side effects there are a few things that you can do. The first thing is to make sure you have the proper support for your back. Choosing an ergonomic office or desk chair that supports the natural curve of your spine is very important to keep your back muscles from getting strained and you from feeling the pain and pressure from that. Make sure that you sit up straight in your chair and take breaks every half hour or so.

Take small stretches throughout the day to keep your muscles from getting too tight or stressed during the day can do a lot to help keep you feeling your best. Try to use stretches that will stretch your arms and back out especially. If possible try to take small walks around the office as well every so often.

To keep the stress and pressure out of your neck, try to keep your head up straight and aligned over your shoulders. Don’t strain forward towards your computer. This is what adds stress and strain to your neck which can lead to unwanted tension and headaches.

Following these simple tips can help save you lots of pain and tension. Don’t sacrifice your health just because you have to sit at a desk or computer all day.

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