Heavy Duty Office Chairs – for the Big and Tall

heavy duty office chairs

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For those employees who sit in heavy duty office chairs, there is more comfort to enjoy. Moreover, for the employers, these types of chairs are extremely durable, saving them from purchasing office chairs on a frequent basis. Office chairs are a very important commodity to the average office setting. Having a good ergonomic chair in the office allows the worker to stay comfy while being seated for long periods of time.

Adjustable Features

If you are going to buy a heavy duty office chair, you must look for one with adjustable features and support mechanism for even more comfort. Doing so allows you to make accommodations for all body types. Remember, not all employees have the same size and shape. You may have an employee who weighs 200 pounds while another goes up to 400 pounds. You could also have hired someone weighing 170 pounds, but has a wider frame.

The Big and Tall

For the big and tall, it is important to buy a heavy duty office chair with wide seats and enough back support. The seating foam should be of a higher density for a big and tall person than it would for a person with a smaller frame. Which employer wants to have an employee who is not comfortable working during normal business hours? Did you know that if you don’t invest in good office chairs, your employees could leave you? Just like you cater to the smaller framed employee, you should also consider the big and tall.

Quality Office Chair

With a quality heavy duty office chair, your staff will enjoy the appropriate ergonomic design, helping them to alleviate any added stress on their lower back while seated for a long period of time. That means, the chair must have adjustability in more than one area such as the arm rests, back, head and lumbar support, allowing the user to always be seated in the right posture to prevent back injury. You should never spare the expense to put your workers in a good office chair. It is very important to note that when you have comfortable workers, you will enjoy more productivity from them during normal business hours and beyond.


Heavy duty office chairs are great for the office, but excellent for help desk and customer service employees. With intensive use, the heavy duty chair can stand up to the test of time than a substandard office chair will. If you want to enjoy monetary savings at the office, it is best to purchase heavy duty office chairs, even if not all your employees are big and tall.

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