How to Sit Correctly at Your Office Desk

Office Desk

Office Desk

Long hours of consistent work, meetings and appointments will usually require a lot of sitting. For some individuals, this might mean a lot of slouching throughout the day while seated in the uncomfortable office chair. Sitting properly in an office chair is important to maintaining good posture and avoiding chronic back pain. In addition to being seated properly in your chair, the same is true for sitting around an office desk.

Be Aware of your Posture

It is important that you protect your spine. For some reason, employees will slump in a chair as it is positioned behind the office desk without realizing that this is what is happening, unless someone points it out. It is natural because the spine has three curvatures in the back, located between the neck and lumbar. Blood should flow proficiently in this area while you are seated. For this to happen, you have to extend the body vertically and then relax the body slowly. You will feel your posture changing. Be aware of this when seated to maximize your comfort.

Be Stable

As much as possible use the armrests on the office chair. Position your hands so you have enough leverage to have a stable posture, reducing pressure on the arms, back, shoulders and neck. To keep oxygen going through your body and to improve your blood flow means that you have to assume a good posture. Place your feet on the ground and extend the legs. Get up from your chair and stretch, at least once every fifteen minutes. Lean back as much as you can. Let your office desk be your first support when you are getting up from being seated, especially after long periods. Try not to cross your legs when sitting. Maintain a parallel position, from neck to torso.

Being Accountable

If you work in an environment where you are close to other coworkers, then you can create an accountability system. Agree with the employees close to you to challenge you if you don’t get up every fifteen minutes and you would do the same for them.

The Computer and Your Back

Place your computer strategically on your office desk so that it gives you better leverage. Make sure that the computer screen is above eye level. Try as much as possible to sit upright. If you have to use a cushion for lumbar support, by all means, do so. This will improve your eye level when staring at the computer screen.


It is important to ensure that you have good posture when sitting in your office chairs at work. Be always mindful of how you are seated behind your office desk. Take this seriously because your health depends on it. Additionally, challenge your boss to invest in ergonomic office chairs and office desks.

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