How To Stand Out In The Office

Everyone wants to have a great work environment, a friendly and fun boss, dependable coworkers and everything else that goes with having the perfect career or job opportunity. They want the great tools, devices, and furniture that makes for a good day at work, but what a lot of people don’t think about as much is what makes them stand out in the office. Here are a few ways to make sure you are a valuable employee that your employer is sure to take note of.

Be Dependable…Always

One of the most basic ways to make a good impression is to always to do what you are supposed to do, and always be what you are supposed to be. This means no excuses for late work, missing reports or documents, or being unprofessional in the office. You were hired to be a professional and to do a good job, now stick to it and show that you are capable of handling your responsibilities. This includes being on time for work, meetings, and for clocking back in after lunch.

Take Extra Opportunities

Something that is sure to catch your boss’s eye is if you are working to increase your skill base and knowledge about the office and things that will benefit it. Attending extra workshops that aren’t required of you are great ways to show you are serious about doing a good job and getting things done. Someone that shows initiative is sure to be considered for benefits and promotions that less driven employees are not.

Build Positive Professional Relationships

You may not like all your coworkers, but being polite and professional to everyone in the office really has nothing to do with liking them. Never underestimate the power good words from your coworkers can do when it comes to who is being laid off, who is being promoted, and how the office culture works. While it is important to have positive relationships with others in the office, it is also important to make sure they are professional. Coworkers notice when things are not appropriate whether that is the comments you make or what you spend your time doing.


It is incredibly important to be ethical in all the work you do. If your office is promoting unethical practices, it is time you found a new job. Always be honest and trustworthy in what you do in the office. Employees that can be trusted to do what they say they will do, act in a professional manner, and uphold the highest values that increase the good name of a company are always in high demand.

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