Keep Your Spine Happy At Work With These Simple Stretches

If you have a high quality, ergonomic office chair that supports you in all the right ways and fits you just right, you likely feel pretty good after a day of sitting. Those that have not invested in a proper office chair yet may need some extra stretches and movements in order to avoid going home with aches and pains every day. Until you can get that new chair and revitalize your work life, we have some great stretches to help you out because taking care of your spine and keeping it healthy is an absolute necessity when it comes to living a good life. Check out the stretches below to get you started.

Shrug Those Shoulders

For an upper back exercise and stretch, it can be as simple as shrugging your shoulders. This is a quiet and simple exercise you can do every day when you notice your back starting to get tight or sore. Simply sit up straight in your chair and let your arms hang down by your sides. Keeping your neck straight shrug your shoulders up to your ears, as far as you can go, and then lower them down. Let your shoulders relax all the way down, getting in the full range of motion. Continue doing this for a few minutes.

Shoulder Circles

These ones should be pretty familiar as well! Simply rotate your shoulders in circles. You can go backwards or forwards, and you can do them both at the same time in the same way, or you can do one at a time and in different directions! Try to rotate them in as large of a circle as is comfortable but still stretching the muscles a bit.


Another great, quiet, and non-attention grabbing move you can do at your desk is a simple spinal twist. You can do this sitting or standing. With your feet flat on the floor and starting by looking forward, twist your upper body to the left and then to the right. Twist until you feel your muscles stretch but don’t use too much force or go farther than your body can.

To help you out and make daily stretches less of a necessity for pain relief, check out our incredible selection of office chairs that offer you the support you need! We have office chairs to meet everyone’s tastes and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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