Keeping Hydrated From Your Office Chair


Staying hydrated has long been considered as one of the most beneficial and simple things you can do to help keep yourself healthy. Drinking plenty of water every day helps keep your body functioning properly. Many of our body processes require water including our cardiovascular system, proper digestion, saliva production and even helps your body keep a healthy temperature. Sounds pretty important, right?

It can be very easy to get dehydrated and forget to drink enough water throughout a busy work day. With all the health benefits of staying hydrated, it is worth it to start trying some ways to increase your fluid intake while you are working away. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

The first step in making a change for the better is to keep a full water bottle or cup of water on your desk while you are working. Simply having water in arm’s length and seeing it throughout the day can help you to remember to stop and take a drink.

If you aren’t a big fan of plain water, and many of us at least have days something else sounds a lot better, try getting low-calorie and low-sugar single drink mixes to change things up. If you enjoy drinking what you are drinking you are sure to drink more of it.

Sipping on a drink isn’t the only way to increase your intake of fluids either. You can get a lot of water and fluids from snacking on snacks with a high water contact like fruits and veggies. Bring some baby tomatoes with your lunch or pack an orange for your mid-morning snack. Melons are a great choice when it comes to trying to increase your fluid intake.

Now, a common saying about how you need eight glasses of water a day has been floating around for a long time. This isn’t necessarily true. What is true is that you should be listening to your body and taking cues from it. When you feel thirsty, make sure you stop and get a drink. If you are noticing that your urine is dark when you use the bathroom, this is another sign that you may need to start drinking more water throughout the day.

Staying away from foods and drinks that dehydrate you can be just as important as trying to increase hydration. Sugary drinks and food can often leave your body more dehydrated than when you started drinking it. Sugar takes a lot of water to break down so it uses up the water your body has available. Try limiting these types of drinks and foods to feel more hydrated throughout the day.

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