Making a New or Used Office Chair Purchase

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There are several occasions when business owners have to look at making changes to the office when it comes to adding new furniture pieces such as office chairs and desks. When the time comes to making this major decision, budget is sometimes a concern. There is a lot of pressure put into finding the office chairs that are most affordable, yet of the best quality. No one wants to compromise quality, even if affordability is a concern. In any event, business owners may have to make certain sacrifices such as adjustments. Buying a completely adjustable ergonomic chair that is suited for being seated in for many hours each day can be quite costly. The decision is even more insurmountable when you have to outfit the entire office with ergonomic office chairs.

The Question

How, then, can the business owner save money and still get the features that will suit his employees? Well, you could opt for new office chairs or used office chairs. However, you have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Second-Hand Office Chairs

There are advantages to purchasing second-hand office chairs, but there are also disadvantages. Maybe, the ideal benefit is the cost effectiveness. These used chairs were used by someone else before and marks a certain discount when you make that purchase.  All second-hand office chairs will usually be inspected to ensure that there are not many defects. They can also be sold ‘as is,’ which means that if there are defects, you will have to fix them. Usually these used chairs won’t come in the original box.

When you buy a used office chair, you won’t be able to return it to the store, especially if it is a final sale. In addition, you may have to settle for the color that is being sold. If you are not fussy about color, then this will be fine, but if not, then it might be an issue. However, price may supersede color in many cases. You also won’t have a warranty with your purchase.

New Office Chairs

When buying a new office chair, you want to consider one that is exactly what you need. You will choose the chair according to its features such as color, armrest, seat height, material, and adjustability. Make sure it has a warranty. An office chair of the highest quality may be more expensive, but you have the option of getting it customized to your liking.


Whether you want to buy a new or used office chair, it is essential to do the research beforehand. Try to determine the features that you are looking for and make sure the office chair will meet your immediate needs.


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