Mesh Office Chairs

There are many different styles of office chairs to choose from and it can seem overwhelming or you might think it’s not that big of a decision. A chair is a chair. Right? Wrong. Choosing the wrong chair, one that doesn’t support your spine or doesn’t adjust in height can be very hard on your body. This can cause painful physical conditions that could have been avoided. These can come from having to lean forward or backward to work, not sitting at the right height for your desk and computer, or not being able to swivel or move your chair to the appropriate direction or area for different tasks. Having the right office chair can mean the difference between feeling and being healthy and being in constant pain.

Different styles of chairs offer different support and different benefits. One great office chair that you can choose from is one of a mesh chair design. The Herman Miller Aeron Chair was the first chair to introduce mesh in 1994. A product before its time!

Modern mesh chairs offer many different benefits for people that work in office settings. For one they are made with mesh which allows for more airflow around the body which can particularly be nice in warmer weather conditions, or offices that are kept a little warmer than you might normally prefer. This is a great feature as it will minimize upkeep and cleaning. When you have a chair that offers ventilation and helps you stay cool and comfortable, you sweat less. Sweating in your office chair day after day can give your chair a distinct odor and can even leave unseemly stains or marks. By allowing your body to stay cool you can avoid all the maintenance that comes with having less breathable support.

A high quality mesh office chair will combine a stylish, almost futuristic design with optimum ergonomic support and comfort. Having a chair that helps maintain the natural curve of the spine allows you to avoid aches and pains that come from sitting for long periods, especially in unnatural positions. Not all mesh office chairs are created equal. Looks can be deceiving. This is why it is important to do your due diligence and research high quality chairs that offer that all-important support. Your back will thank you for your effort.  

If you are someone that is comfortable with and enjoys more padding in your office chair, a mesh chair might not be your best choice. High quality padded office chairs that offer support are great choices for those that like that extra cushion.

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