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At times, things that are found on an office chair can prove to be quite annoying. In fact, they can be so irritating as to drive you nuts. Finding a solution can also be difficult, especially if you don’t know how quite to handle it. There are several annoyances that can be fixed easily, though.  Let’s take a look.

Sinking Ship

If you find that your office chair is constantly sinking, there are a couple of reasons why. The pneumatic lift on the chair may be worn out. For this reason, it may not be able to withstand your weight. The only solution is replacing the faulty lift or exchanging the chair for another. Secondly, the lever for height adjustment may have been damaged or may be misaligned. The gas lift will be set permanently to release from any applied weight, causing the office chair to sink. You can adjust the misaligned lever or purchase another office chair.

Squeaky Chair

Don’t you hate to sit in a squeaky office chair? It is very annoying, especially when you have to constantly get up to take care of other duties. The squeaky sound also breaks your concentration every time that you turn in your seat. There are a few sources of the problem. It may be that metals rubbing together where the back is attached to the seat. Loose parts could also be exposed. It is recommended that if the problem is not severe, you could use WD 40 to spray the area. However, it may be time to get a new ergonomic office chair for easy adjustment.

Static Shock

Have you ever tried getting out of a chair and received a static shock? This is one of the most unpleasant experience and hard to resolve since the shock may be as a result of the torn or worn out upholstery. The air conditioning in the office only increases the problem since the air is dried out as static builds up. You could use a humidifier to lessen the static, but for all intent and purpose, you may need a new office chair.

Height Adjustment

Most of the office chairs used by employees will suit the average person who is roughly five feet six inches tall or six feet tall. For a shorter person, the height of the office chair has to be adjusted or it will prove to be uncomfortable. An ergonomic office chair is ideal for all heights since you can always adjust it, whether you are short or tall.


Some employees also complain of not having enough reclining options with their office chair, which can be solved by also purchasing an ergonomic office chair. An office chair should not be used by the same person for more than 5 years. It may be time to look into buying a new one.

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