Office Chair Massage

Back Pain From Your Office ChairYou sit at your desk all day, and no matter how comfortable your chair, at some point you’re probably going to feel twinges in your back or your shoulders. You may even find that prolonged sitting gives you headaches. Not much you can do about it, right?

Wrong! You can get up, walk around, stretch, move and work out those kinks. Or, you could consider having someone come to the office to deal with your aches and pains by performing what’s called a “chair massage.” It might even be covered under your company’s health benefits package.

Chair MassageHow Does a Chair Massage Work?

It doesn’t’ happen in your office chair. With a chair massage, a certified massage therapist comes to your office, and brings a special massage chair for you to sit in. The therapist will concentrate mainly on your back, shoulders, and neck. That’s because those are the areas that end up causing you the highest level of discomfort when you sit for long stretches of time.

You’ll usually find that you start to feel much better in about 5 minutes, as the therapist uses techniques that are particularly effective on tensions that can occur in the upper body. You can have the chair massage in a private area, or if you’d rather, you can have it done right at your desk – it’s not like a table massage where you’re usually unclothed; you won’t have to remove any clothing at all.

Leather Office Chair With MassageIt’s Good for All Concerned

Workers who get chair massages at their place of business find that they get relief from back pain, stress, headaches and tired muscles. They also frequently report that they feel more efficient, and they think more clearly. It only makes sense – if you’re sore and stressed, you’re not working at peak capacity.

A chair massage takes less than half an hour out of an employee’s work day, and the benefits last for days. Not only do workers benefit, companies reap the rewards in terms of fewer employees booking off sick, and fewer instances of employees taking stress leave. An even better idea would be to purchase an office chair with massage. That way you can use it all the time!

licensed massage therapistArranging for a Chair Massage

Many massage therapists are trained in the techniques required to perform a chair massage. You’ll want to make sure that your therapist is properly licensed under any applicable municipal or state laws, or that if you’re in an area where licensing requirements don’t exist, that the therapist can provide proof of training. Generally speaking, the therapist should be a graduate of a recognized massage therapy course, and should be able to prove that he or she has had a minimum of five hundred hours of training.

If your office is considering having chair massage done as part of a group “spa day” event, you might want to consider having multiple therapists onsite, and you should certainly make sure that all of them are properly qualified. Don’t be afraid to ask for references, and to check them. You’re going to be taking time out of the work day to hold this event, so you don’t want therapists who have a history of not showing up on time. An employee who’s been promised a chair massage shouldn’t be waiting around for a therapist to show, or have his or her schedule disrupted due to waiting for co-workers to finish with their turn.


The benefits of a chair massage for sedentary workers are well-known, and it’s great for employers as well. Employees who feel de-stressed and rejuvenated are more productive and energetic. A move from the office chair to the massage chair once in a while is a fabulous idea for all concerned.

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