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Big and tall office chairs

Big and tall office chairs









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When shopping to buy an office chair, it can be quite a huge undertaking, especially when you are trying to find one that fits a big and tall person. Most office chairs are manufactured with the smaller person in mind; possibly below six feet tall and a weight of under 200 pounds. For people over six feet tall and over 200 pounds, the challenge begins because of the limited number of choices available. Additionally, if you are an employer, you are probably going to spend more on such an office chair. Well, until now, that is. These days, you can find a big and tall office chair that suits anyone weighing over 200 pounds – and at a reasonable price and with various high quality options. It all comes down to finding the appropriate make and model.

For the Big and Tall

When buying office chairs today, you have to consider ergonomics. The world has evolved and the introduction of ergonomic office chairs has been embraced by so many people, but the big and tall individual has benefited from it even more. Why ergonomics? Well, these types of office chairs offer added support than other office chairs. For the big and tall person, this is important. Additionally, the ergonomic office chair has adjustable features that the big and tall person can use to alter the comfort level of the chair to suit their size, height and shape.

Built In or Adjustable

There is also another option, if you want to save money – the built-in ergonomic office chairs. However, for the big and tall person, this is a problem because it does not offer any options for adjustment. The adjustment ergonomic office chair would be the better option because of the convenience it offers and the ability to adjust the chair to fit comfortably. When you are over six feet tall, the built-in ergonomic office chair does provide lumbar support, but since it cannot be adjusted, it may not help in all cases.

The Adjustable Features

Some of the features to look for when you are looking to buy a big and tall office chair are:

Adjustment of height – You should be sitting in a chair that is tall enough so your feet can be flat on the ground and still make you comfortable

Adjustment of Depth – There are some tall people that have longer legs or longer torsos. Adjusting the depth helps to accommodate the length of the upper leg as necessary, allowing the thighs to position properly.

Adjustment of angle – When seated, your eyes should be directly level with the computer screen. You shouldn’t have to stretch to reach your computer and you should have the ability to recline if you need to. Adjusting the angle helps the big and tall person to do just that.


Big and tall office chairs should be included in a modern office setting because you never know when you will hire someone who is over 200 pounds in weight. You also want to have an office chair that is easily adjustable to fit even the employee who is less than 200 pounds. The big and tall office chair can do both.

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