Office Chairs: Should You Buy New or Used?

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There is a time when all offices have to be updated with new office chairs and office furniture. You may also need office accessories to spruce up the office décor. Whatever, it is, you have a wide range of choices, but you also have to watch your budget, especially if you are working within a tight budget. For that reason, you can look for the most affordable office chair, but you don’t want to compromise on the quality. More often than not, this may not be possible for most employers unless they conduct extensive research. Some employers don’t know where to start looking or even if they can find affordable office chairs at the same high quality. How do employers get around this?

The Features

The first thing to do is to search with the features being the important criteria. Once you can find an ergonomic office chair with adjustable features, you have come upon a bargain if it is within your budget. If you have to take your time to look, by all means do so. You don’t want to purchase your adjustable office chairs in a hurry. You want to make sure you have decided on the one that is right for your staff.

The Comfort

You also have to consider comfort. Sit in the chair and assess the comfort level. When an employee is seated in an office chair that is not comfortable, it can be quite unproductive for your business. Moreover, the health of the employees suffers with low back pain and other possible illnesses. Before you have your employees sitting in an uncomfortable office chair, it is best that you test it out first. Your employees will appreciate this gesture. If you have to take along another employee with you when shopping for ergonomic office chairs and office furniture, by all means do so. It will make the decision easier. Weigh the pros and cons and then make your decision. However, make sure you get a bang for your bucks.

Considering a Used Chair

You also have the option to purchased used office chairs. However, be careful with this choice because after a while chairs can wear out. You don’t want a chair that has been used by someone else for more than one year. When you buy used office chairs, there are usually no warranties attached and so if you were to be unhappy about its function, you may not be able to take it back. Most sales are final and the chairs could be defective without your knowledge.


It is best to buy new office chairs, ensuring that they have adjustable features. Choose the right upholstery and color that complements your office.  New office chairs are less likely to malfunction and you will usually have a manufacturer’s warranty with the ability to exchange or return it to the vendor. If something were to go wrong, you may also be able to have the chair repaired by the manufacturer and returned to you. Once you decide to buy used or new office chairs, conduct a research on your choices. Don’t just settle for any one.



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