Office Chairs: Why is Ergonomics Important?

Ergonomic office chairs

Ergonomic office chairs







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Ergonomics is a word that comes from the words ‘ergo’ meaning work and ‘nomos’ meaning the study of. In a nutshell, ergonomics means the study of work. The effective goal of ergonomics is to get a job done in comfort. Ergonomics allows employers to provide the proper seating and office conditions for a group of employees.

Job Setting

Even though, employees work in a wide range of job setting, from hospitals, to medical offices, to construction sites to office environment, seating can be a challenge. This is especially true when the employee has to work for long hours. This is where ergonomics comes into play. It allows employees to be more productive in an office setting and be able to work long hours, if that is the case.

The Body

The body needs to be aligned and have good posture to operate efficiently. When seated, a person has to have less muscle movement to preserve the position of the body. That is the benefit of an ergonomic office chair. The entire body needs to be comfortably aligned and this also goes for the upper and lower arms. Your arms should relax comfortably at the side of your body. This helps to reduce muscle movement in the neck and shoulder. You should be able to shift your elbows when you want.

Added Comfort and Ease

For added comfort, the forearms should be positioned parallel to the ground. This aids in boosting the blood flow in the wrists and hands. The wrists should be able to reach the computer easily so that carpal tunnel syndrome does not set in. The position of the arm is obtained with the proper alignment of the height of the ergonomic office chair seat. Most ergonomic office chairs are built with features to adjust the seat height. Doing so will enable the user to be at the exact distance and height of the computer keyboard and mouse.

Wrist Pads

If you are seated in an uncomfortable office chair, you may need to consider using wrist pads to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. The wrist pad would provide a cushion for both the wrists and the palm of your hands while you are using the keyboard. However, ergonomic office chairs also provide the same cushioned feature.


You also need an office chair that prevents neck fatigue, which means a taller chair back, which the ergonomic chair provides. With a heightened chair back, you get to rest the top of your head, your shoulder, back muscles and neck. With an ergonomic office chair, you can adjust everything to your height and size. Consider ergonomics when you are shopping for office chairs.

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