Office Jobs, Stress, and Your Health


It is too easy to get out of shape, develop unhealthy habits, and gain weight when what you are doing from 9 to 5 every day is sitting at a desk. Most likely, at the end of the day you feel too tired to hit the gym and you find your release by going home and vegging out on the couch watching your favorite Netflix series. Throw in all the fast food lunches, and maybe dinners, too, and your shape and health are going to start feeling the stress.

So how do you stop the ballooning and keep healthy and fit despite your desk job where your typing is about all the exercise you get for the week? Here are a few great tips and ideas for you to start implementing as soon as possible to start feeling healthier, happier, and even manage stress better.

Step one is your hydration and nutrition. We have all heard the statistics on how important diet is when you are working your way to a healthier body. This remains true when you get a healthy body as well. To manage a proper weight start in the kitchen. Try packing low-calorie lunches and healthy snacks to nibble on throughout your work day. This requires a bit of prep time the night or morning before, but it is well worth the pay off. Remember to bring a water bottle to help remind you to stay hydrated which allows your body to flush toxins effectively.

Be active as much as you can! Just because you sit at a desk doesn’t mean you have to have your bottom planted on that office chair all the hours you are there. Take short breaks to get up and walk around. Walk to the water dispenser to fill up your bottle, take a quick walk around the block at lunch, or park farther away than normal to increase your step count. Another important tip is to stretch throughout the day. Take moments to roll your head around your shoulders or stretch your back and legs to keep your muscles from getting too tight and keep your blood flowing.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. They even overlap at times which can cause added problems if you’re neglecting one or the other. It is important to form healthy, professional relationships at work to avoid debilitating stress at work. Try encouraging your co-workers and boosting morale around the office to make things a happier and better place to work.

Overall, pay attention to your body and how you are feeling physically and mentally. Address any concerns promptly and take preventative and protective action regarding your health and wellness.

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