Office White Elephant Etiquette And Gift Ideas

As the season progresses, white elephant parties are all the rage at many events, and a regular for office Christmas or holiday parties. So what should you know before you show up to this party? We put together a few tips and ideas to help you not be the odd man out or the one that makes the party seem less festive. Read below to find our best tips!

Stay in the agreed upon price range.

There is a very good reason that there is a specified price range when it comes to doing a white elephant gift exchange. It is really awkward when one person gets a ten dollar item and someone else gets a fifty dollar item because someone didn’t read the memo. Avoid being ‘that person’ and make sure you read the memo.

Know what is expected.

There are kind of two different white elephant gift exchanges that are popular. One, everyone gets a sort of gag gift that is more funny than it is an actual gift. The second, everyone brings a nice item that the recipient will enjoy. Once again, make sure you take the time to know what kind of a white elephant the office party is going to be!

Play the game and be a good sport.

One of the fastest ways to ruin a festive party is to throw a fit because you didn’t get the gift you wanted. It is sad that this one has to be on the list but there always seems to be someone who just can’t accept they didn’t get what they wanted. Play the game, whether that means everyone just opens a gift or there is stealing involved. Keep a merry spirit even if the gift you wanted gets stolen! It is about having fun and building relationships, not about what you actually get.

Be creative with your gift.

Sometimes the price range feels like it is impossible to get a ‘good’ gift with, but there are so many great gift ideas available! Think outside the box and even do a good, quick internet search if you have no ideas. Plants are a fun option, maybe a grow your own cactus kit! Venus fly traps are also really fun ideas that are available for not too much. Beard care kits, cool electronic bugs, or maybe a head massager for the stressed out work bunch! Whatever you get, make sure it is something you wouldn’t mind taking back home with you. If you would like it, theres a good chance someone else at the office won’t mind taking it home either!

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