Ways To Keep Warm In Your Freezing Office

Are you one of the many people that work in an office building that can’t seem to figure out how to keep it above freezing in the winter? Being cold is hardly ever a fun thing, and it certainly doesn’t make work any better. If you can relate to this kind of a thing, or you are just one of those people that is always cold, we put together a few simple ideas to help you stay warm in your office this season! Read on to discover some great ideas!

Dress Strategically

Staying warm in the office begins before you leave your house. Take the time to layer up so you can stay toasty all day. Layers help trap in body heat so you do not get cold so easily. It is also a great idea to use layers so if you do get a bit warm, you can simply remove a layer without being indecent.

Move Around

Yep, this one is simple and everyone can do it! Take a few minutes every once in a while to get up and do a quick walk. Go fill up your water bottle, walk to the bathroom that is one floor away, or just do a few stretches right at your desk to get your blood flowing. This helps increase your core body temperature which helps you feel warmer! Bonus points because you are getting in some extra exercise and it is a free way to keep warm!

Hot Food And Drinks

Another simple way to help you stay warm in a cold office is to bring food from home that needs to be heated up. When you consume a hot meal, it helps you shake any chills you may have. To save money you can bring meals from home, or take a few minutes and purchase a hot meal from a restaurant nearby on your lunch break. If you do not want to bring in food or have a hot meal, you can always resort to a nice hot cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or chai tea to warm you up!

Heating Pads Or Slippers

For real, there are seat cushions for office chairs that warm up and keep you toasty, and there are really heated slippers, too! There are slippers available that are a USB plugin, and cushions that have a regular plugin. Both are great options for a cold office! Just make sure you change out of your slippers before heading to meet with your boss or other coworkers for that big meeting! There is even such a thing as a heated keyboard if you really want to get toasty!

Cut The Slouch: Save Your Body

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is for people to sit with the proper posture. Especially those people that do a lot of sitting. Sitting incorrectly can cause all sorts of problems for people, the least of that list being back pain. Do you want to deal with pain every day because you can’t remember to sit up straight? No, you most likely do not want to be in pain every day. If you do, continue slouching. Those that want to end their back pain problems, keep reading to find out what you need to do as this is a problem with a simple fix. Because of that, it doesn’t need to be a problem at all.

Most people that work at computers tend to lean forward towards the monitor which adds extra stress and pressure on the back, spine, neck, and shoulders. Even one inch forward adds up to ten extra pounds of pressure on your body and your spine. Think about all that extra pressure you are putting your body through dealing with for however many hours a day. No wonder you are sore and getting headaches.

Headaches are one of the most common consequences of not sitting up correctly. All the extra stress and pressure that you were putting on those muscles all day make them extra tired and overused. When you relieve that pressure at the end of the day, the muscles can spasm and this can bring about some pretty nasty and painful tension headaches.

Sitting improperly, with your head forward toward your monitor or whatever you are working on makes it so your spine isn’t aligned properly. This can also cause your jaw to be out of place. Your lower jaw will be pushed forward slightly, making your upper and lower teeth to not fit together as they should. This causes extra stress and pressure on your jaw muscles. Trust me, you don’t want to mess with how your jaw works. Jaw pain takes over your life and impedes all sorts of daily living activities from eating to sleeping to smiling.

Take the time to learn about how to sit with proper alignment. Your body will feel so much better if you take the time to practice it and for it to become a habit. Even better, put in the time to find an appropriate office chair to use that supports your spine appropriately to relieve stress and pressure. Our selection here at Direct Office Chairs is a great place to start if you are looking for high quality and affordable prices.

3 Exercises To Help You Get Better Posture

There are so many people that sit for the better portion of their days either at work, a home office, during meals, watching tv, and various other activities. Despite our knowledge of how hard this is for our bodies, many people are so unhappy or stressed out they struggle to have the energy to get out and about. This is unfortunate, because it is strongly supported that exercise boosts our happiness levels. So, since we are all sitting so much, we wanted to help you out by giving you some insight into a few exercises that will help you sit upright and minimize the damage that excessive sitting does to the human body.

Having an ergonomic and well-made office chair for much of the time you spend sitting down will be very helpful and reduce the amount of aches and pains you have, they don’t help a lot if you continue to slouch and you do not utilize the support. Try these exercises to help you out!

Relax your spine.

Do this by laying on your back, on the floor with your feet pulled in enough that your knees are comfortably bent. Place a rolled towel under your head, just high enough to support your neck. Stay in this position for 10 to 15 minutes and just allow your body to relax. You will feel your spine begin to release tension and lengthen out.

Practice standing up straight.

Yes, really, this will be harder than you think. While we aren’t recommending that you get strapped to a backboard, there are some benefits to practicing standing up straight. To do this, find a wall where you can stand against it without anything in the way. Line your feet, back, and the back of your head against the wall. Stay here for another 10 or 15 minutes. This will help your body remember what it feels like to stand up truly straight.

Leg and arm extensions.

This one you do by getting down on all fours on the floor. Equal out your weight to each of your hands and your knees. Pull your abs in to straighten out your back. Slowly extend one hand and the opposite leg parallel to the floor. Alternate hands and legs. Do as many as you can, maybe starting with ten or so.

Try to fit these exercises in with your regular exercise routine, or start building your routine with these simple exercises. Your body is going to thank you.

Features Of A Great Office Chair

Because you don’t want this to happen to you, too.

When you are looking for an office chair whether you will be using it at work or at home, you want to take the time to find the perfect one before you make such a large purchase. While our chairs are priced with affordability and quality in mind, you still want to find the best one for you before you spend money. A good office chair is an investment in your health and wellness. Having the right office chair can make the difference between aching muscles and joints and feeling good. We understand all this well so we put together a short list of some of the best qualities to look for in an office chair.

Ergonomic in design and quality.

Choosing the proper chair that is designed in an ergonomic manner is the number one thing to look for when browsing for a new office chair. Finding a high quality chair that supports you in all the right places and is comfortable for your body type is vital to your health and how you feel. We all have heard about how sitting for long periods of time on a regular basis is not good for you. Desk jobs can make that hard to get around, so finding a chair that appropriately supports you when you are sitting can make a huge difference.

Find a chair with a five-point tip base.

Chairs that have a five-point tip base are going to help make sure that you don’t tip over when you recline to rest your head and neck. This is important because when you recline in a chair that tips over easily, you may end up with an injury or two, or some bruising. Finding this more supportive and stable base is important for allowing you to sit back and rest after working for a long time at a desk.

Adjustability and movability are vital.

A good office chair will allow the owner to adjust the chair to fit their body, their desk, and their activities. Find a chair that allows for vertical adjustment to make sure your legs will be supported properly and you won’t be hunched up or unable to touch the floor. Most chairs allow for side to side movement as well, which helps you keep from twisting into unnatural positions to reach that something or other that is just out of your reach. Along those same lines, it is also a good idea to choose a chair that has stable and user-friendly wheels because it allows you to move about more easily in your office.

Tips For An Easier Cleanup After Holiday Parties At Work

It is that time of the year where the seasons are changing and the holidays are approaching. Many companies and offices teams decorate for the holidays which sends a warm and welcoming message to customers and makes coming to work near the holidays a little less painful. Decorating the office and lobby area can be a breeze. Make it festive but not crowded, and try to dust and clean as you go about decorating so that your decorations shine!

There are a lot of businesses out there that not only decorate for the holidays, but also like to throw an employee party or maybe even an open house for customers, as well. This can be a big task when you are trying to organize a party for a large number of people. Not only do you have to have the decorations, and send out the invites (this can be pretty easy just using work email!), and then get all the food and fun ready for the actual event. While this part is typically fun, if a little stressful for some, what people don’t often think about is the cleaning up after, until they are standing there looking at the mess.

We are here to help you out. Cleaning up after a holiday party at work doesn’t have to be a huge deal with just a bit of planning in advance. Plus, if you have great employees or someone helping with the event, you won’t have to do it alone anyways.

First, make sure that you have plenty of trashcans available in the area of the party. You want them out of the way, but easy for guests to find them. This cuts down on people just leaving their trash around on tables or furniture because they couldn’t find a trashcan. You also want to make sure they are equipped with tough liners that won’t fall in when people dump their plants and cups in them.

Another hugely helpful tip is to make sure the restrooms your guests will be using are well stocked and there is plenty of trashcans available for the paper towels and things that will be thrown away in there. It is so frustrating to go into a restroom after a party and find paper towels and trash all over because the trashcans were overflowing.

Make sure you will have all the cleaning supplies necessary for after the party at the ready as well. This cuts down on how long it will take to clean up. Designate some people to help with the cleanup and give them some jobs to make things go quickly. If you don’t want to be responsible for all the cleanup you can also consider using a janitorial service.

Preparing For The Holidays At Work

Although the holiday season is supposed to be magical and cheery, people often feel stressed and worried about all the things they have to do. This stress is compounded by those that have to try to schedule time off work in order to make it to Thanksgiving dinner at grandma’s or fly home for Christmas. The bustle and hustle of the season begins earlier and earlier every year, with Christmas decorations and things on display at the store beginning in October. In order to help you get some of the stress of your plate, at work at least, we put together a few steps you can take to prepare for the holidays so leaving work isn’t as stressful as coming back to it.

Schedule your days off ahead of time and remind coworkers and your boss of those upcoming days as often as you need to.

Knowing that you have the right days off in advance allows you to make sure you have time to get those plane tickets or finalize other travel plans for those days. It can be helpful to remind everyone of your days off when they consider planning things that you may need to be at while you are not available. It is also helpful to those that work closely with you to know ahead of time the days you won’t be in the office so they aren’t surprised or negatively impacted at work by your absence.

Work ahead and prioritize your tasks to prepare for taking a holiday from work.

This can be very important for those that get really stressed about leaving work undone before a vacation. The truth is that many jobs are just never truly done or caught up and learning to prioritize tasks before you leave is the best you can do. Everyone needs a holiday and it is ok that you are taking one. Do what you can and notify anyone that needs to know (like a supervisor) of things that may need attention while you are away.

Remember to program an automatic email reply and set an answering machine message alerting those that may be trying to get ahold of you when you will be back in the office.

This will cut down on a lot of stress when you come back to work. While it surely won’t cut down on how many messages and emails you received while you were out, it likely will at least cut down on the amount of angry ones you get about why you aren’t responding right away.

Clean up your desk and office.

This is a great way to leave for your holiday. Making sure that things look orderly and are put away properly gives you some closure to leave for holiday and makes coming back from it a bit less overwhelming. This is also a great time to do a quick cleaning of your office chair and some basic maintenance such as tightening screws.

Developing A Professional Style For The Office

Entering the professional world can be pretty intimidating for those that aren’t used to the professional lifestyle, wardrobe, and decor. Not to mention, you have to learn your way around the office, how to use the copy machine, and any computer programs that the company uses. To take a bit of the pressure off, we want to help you get started creating your own professional style not only in dress and appearance, but also in how you organize and decorate your office. Let’s get started.

Find Your Own Style

While there are some pretty solid and established guidelines for dressing and looking professional for work, there is some flexibility to allow for personalization. One of the most basic rules is to not wear jeans. Jeans are comfortable and lovely, but they often do not have a place in the business world. Many companies or small businesses will have a designated casual day in which you can wear jeans, so save yours for that day or your day off.

If you are a woman, take the time to shop for appropriate tops and blouses. Find tops that are something you would be comfortable talking to your new boss in. It can be important to watch necklines as many are lower than you may realize until you are standing in a business meeting and feeling uncomfortable. Men, make sure to find appropriate colored shirts and matching ties. Dressing the part can make you feel much more confident on your first day.

Office Style

You likely will have space that is designated as yours at your new office job. If you have an office to yourself you have the opportunity to make it your own and to add any professional touches you think of. The key is to keep things neutral, but welcoming to any clients or coworkers you may be meeting with. Having an office plant or two is a great touch that makes many people feel more at home. You may choose to have a picture of your family in your office, but it is strongly recommended for you to consider who will be seeing those pictures before putting them in your office.

Another very important tip for anyone that is striving to have a professional space is to have a filing or organizational system that you utilize. Having stacks of papers everywhere makes you look unprofessional and like you aren’t competent at your job.

Other Places And Times To Use An Office Chair

Direct Office Chairs is proud of its large array of products and the high quality office chairs we supply to our customers. There are selections and options for those that need extra support for their back, chairs with wheels, and a section for big and tall chairs as well! Not only this, but there are even draft chairs on our site that we are excited to be able to provide for an affordable price. The truth is that most often people think of our chairs and products as office chairs, home office chairs, or reception furniture. The truth is, there are many other places that you use chairs, and you may want to take a look at the options on our site before settling for something of lesser value or a higher price from somewhere else.

Think about how often you are sitting down each day. There are more times and places you are sitting other than while at the office. People sit down to use their laptop or write, or read often. Others enjoy activities that are done while sitting such as sewing or playing card games. When it comes down to it, there are improvements you can make for all the places you may be sitting during the day. Anywhere that you are going to be sitting very often should offer you the support and ergonomic qualities that will prevent injury, strain and pain.

While browsing our selection of office chairs, take time to consider some of them for your sewing table instead of that fold up chair we all know you are using. Make sure to replace your computer chair if you do a lot of computer work and are using something that does not help support your spine and keep it healthy.

Our draft chairs make excellent additions to breakfast bars in your home for additional and stylish seating. If you are someone that likes to have prominent, stylish, and professional looking chairs for your dining room table, you may even like some of our leather chairs for your dining room!

Don’t let the office chair label fool you, our chairs are great options for anyone that is looking for a comfortable, ergonomic chair that supports you in all the right places! Or anyone looking for a stylish and sleek chair to complement a modern home.

Stretches For A Sore Back

There is something particularly painful about having a sore back. When you hurt other parts of your body, it is simple to avoid using the sore or injured part for some time while it heals, the same can’t be said for a back. Your back and your spine are central to most movements and will be affected to some point no matter how careful you are.

There are so many ways to hurt your back from standing all day in bad shoes, sleeping on the wrong type of mattress or in the wrong position, to sitting in a chair that is not ergonomically designed. If you find that you are having trouble with a sore back or having tight muscles in your back, it would be a good idea to treat the real problem by replacing your bed or office chair, but in the meantime, check out some of the stretches and ideas below to help your back feel better.

Before you start really stretching out your muscles it is a good idea to loosen them up some with some light movements to get your blood flowing. This can be something as simple as walking in place, twisting gently at the waist from side to side, or even putting a warm washcloth on your back for a while.

Standard Touch Your Toes Stretches

This is the basic stretch that almost everyone knows, but don’t utilize when it comes to maintaining flexibility or stretching out tight muscles. All you have to do is to stand with your feet slightly apart and bend at the waist and reach towards your toes. It isn’t necessary that you touch your toes or that your chest touches your knees, just that you reach until you feel a firm stretch in your back.

Laying Down Knees To Chest

Another great option for relieving some back tightness and pain is to lay down on the floor on your back. Pull your knees up to your chest and hold them there with your arms. Remember to breathe with the stretch and hold it for at least the count of ten. Release and then repeat as needed.

Stretching can be a wonderful way to keep your body in better shape and to avoid many of the pains that come with having an office job or any job where you sit for large portions of the day. You can also find stretches meant to help stretch different areas of the body to target problem areas!

Halloween Spirit In The Office

As much as we love and support the idea of of increasing office morale by providing all your employees with the best possible office chairs that are ergonomic and comfortable, we know that sometimes you need some other ideas to keep the atmosphere in the office at a happy and productive level.

Since it is October and that means the beginning of all the holidays really, with Halloween being the first in line, we searched around and found some fun and easy ways to boost the holiday spirit and the office staff’s spirits as well! Feel free to take a look below for some fun competitions, activities, and treats to celebrate and have fun in the office.

Door Decorating Competition

This one is always a blast. In order to get everyone’s creative juices flowing and to help the office get in the spirit of Halloween, have everyone decorate their office door and then have a panel of judges select a winner! This can be done in groups or individually! The office manager or a group of employees can be elected to put together a list of rules that include the things that won’t be allowed. You want the competition to be fun, but still office appropriate.

Halloween Party

This is the most basic idea when it comes to celebrating a holiday in the office. You can decide to have a party during everyone’s lunch hour or after work if you want. Everyone can bring their favorite food, or food that is in the spirit of halloween, and everyone can relax, eat, and drink their favorites! This gives employees a chance to unwind from the intensity of regular work and develop better relationships with their coworkers.

Have A Dress Up Day

Halloween doesn’t always fall on a work day but luckily (or unluckily) it does this year. Give your employees a chance to dress up in their costumes this year to make the day feel more special. Again, everyone will have to agree to dress appropriately for the workplace, but encourage at least small ways your employees can show their spirit. It can be as simple as having headbands or witch’s hats. Just have fun and enjoy all the good things that come out of having fun and celebrating good times together.

Pass Out Treats

If you want to put in some effort, you can always make small treats to pass out to everyone in the office that have a cute message for your employees. This is often better for small offices where you don’t have to make hundreds of small treats!

What are some of your favorite ways to celebrate Halloween in the office? Have your employers done anything spectacular for you in the past?