More Popular Office Reception Chair Styles

yhst-10258600314819_2268_294781015In office settings, the style and appearance of your reception area makes a big impact. After all, visitors, clients, and guests not only get a first impression of your business, but also spend time just sitting and waiting there. Especially if they are waiting for a lengthy period of time, uncomfortable or haphazard reception seating might make your client question the professionalism of your company.

Depending on the needs of your office, there are lots of factors that go into selecting reception furniture. To help narrow down what kind of seating you are looking for, here are 5 more popular types of office reception chairs to consider.


Commonly available with and without arms, traditional reception area chairs are often a standard foam cushioned chair with four legs. They have a sturdy wood frame and can be upholstered with fabric, vinyl, leather, or other materials. While traditional reception chairs are a fairly safe choice, they might not match the style or needs of some businesses.

Love Seats

Often found in homes, love seats are also a popular type of reception chair. Suited for one or more people, the main benefit of love seats is a more comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. They are often available in all sorts of colors and upholstery materials, so this type of plush seating can be fairly easily matched to the style of your office.

While some waiting areas are size limited, those that have ample space and want to evoke a more comfortable feeling will find that a few love seats make great additions.


Similar to love seats, sofas are also a comfort-orientated type of reception seating. Comparably plush, welcoming, and available in various types and colors, the main benefit of sofas is that they are longer and provide plenty of seating. They also often come in sets and are paired with love seats to create a square guest area that encourages interaction.

While they require a lot of space, sofas are especially ideal if your office sees a lot of families or groups since sofas allow all of them to sit together.


A more contemporary type of seating, swivel guest chairs are often made of colorful metal mesh or contoured polyurethane. As a result, they are fairly easy to clean and maintain. In addition, they bring a lot of color, life, and style into a modern or high tech office setting.

Furthermore, while some types are upholstered and padded like standard guest chairs, many swivel chairs are suited for both indoor and outdoor settings.


Often available in sets or standalone pieces, modular reception chairs work well in contemporary office waiting areas. They are typically upholstered with comfortable padding and have a metal framework. Modular chair sets usually have multiple chairs acting as corner or middle pieces that can be grouped into a couch or function separately.

Whether you want circular guest seating or chairs that can be reconfigured into different collaborative arraignments for special events, modular chairs are the most versatile type.

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