Popular Office Reception Chair Styles

seat-255206_640Waiting is a part of life, however, no one likes to be left awkwardly standing around or relegated to an uncomfortable chair for long periods of time. Whether you run a medical clinic or corporate business, your reception area plays a major role in providing a good first impression and comfy wait for your clients. Especially if you often have visitors, reception area seating that looks appealing and provides adequate sitting space is extremely important.

Most chairs can be customized in terms of color or material, so keep that in mind as you consider some of these popular styles of office reception chairs.

Bariatric or Bench Chairs

Often quite large and with a sturdy base of wood similar to a bench, bariatric chairs are heavy duty furniture. Designed to last, this type of reception seating’s key feature is its impressive weight capacity. Depending on their construction, some bariatric chairs are rated to handle up to 500 lbs. or more. They are especially useful in medical clinics as they comfortably accommodate heavier set guests as well as multiple sitters, such as a parent and child.

Club Chairs

As the name indicates, club chairs are a type of high quality armchair that originated from the gentlemen’s clubs of France and England. Known for their refined appearance and high comfort, club chairs are usually well cushioned, covered in plush leather, and come in a contemporary style. Since they tend to be more on the expensive side, club chairs are best suited for more sophisticated reception areas that don’t see constant visitor traffic.

Sled Base Chairs

With curved metal beam legs that look similar to the shape of a sled, sled base chairs are known for being quite ideal for reception spaces. Thanks to their design, they are usually quite stable and comfortable. Most also have a very distinctive style and come with looped chair arms. Sled base chairs are quite customizable in terms of color and upholstery, so whether leather, mesh, or fabric is your preference, they usually match the feel of your reception area well.

Mesh Chairs

While most people perceive mesh chairs as the typical type of ergonomic seating for desk employees, they are also manufactured in a style that suits reception areas. Mesh chairs tend to be more streamlined and simple in design; however, their major advantage is the amount of air flow they give to the sitter. As a result of better ventilation, guests that have to wait for long periods of time are better able to stay cool and not feel stuck to the back of their seat.

Tandem or Beam Seating

A common sight in airport terminals, beam seating is ideal for places that often have to sit a large number of visitors at any given time. Designed so two or more seats are linked together in a line by a sturdy beam, this style of seating can be moveable or bolted down. Beam seating especially works well in office reception areas that experience high guest traffic since they tend to take up less space than other types.

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