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Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chairs






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If you are an employer, it is important to be aware of the effect of an uncomfortable office chair to the employee’s health. While office chairs may seem innocent and lifeless, they are indeed related to many workplace injuries to employees. If not handled correctly, the employee would be out of work due to the injuries and possibly not be as productive as you would have desired.

Common Issues

All of us should be aware of these common issues experienced by the working person when it comes to sitting in a bad office chair, especially if the person has to work for long periods of time. Sitting in an uncomfortable office chair can create stress on the back, which could subsequently result in back pain. If something is not done right away to alleviate the fatigue and stress on the back, it could turn into a severe condition.

The Truth

In addition to back pain associated with a regular office chair, you can also suffer the risks of injuries when seated on an ergonomic office chair or an executive chair. Below are tips and suggestions to avoid injury on office chairs.

Wobbly Chairs

Try to examine an office chair prior to purchasing it. If the chair exhibits wobbly tendencies, don’t buy it. Instead, see if you can find an office chair that has a five legged base. Pay special attention to the wheels and casters to ensure that they are sufficiently strong and durable to handle all types of weight. Make sure that the wheels have a snug fit into its base.

Reading the Manual

When you are assembling your office chairs, make sure that you read the accompanying manual. Some people try to put it together without first reading the instructions. Be sure that you have all the parts in their right places. With the instructions read, you will be able to insert the wheels and casers appropriately into the base.

The Office Space

Choose office chairs according to your office space. Don’t buy a large ergonomic office chair when you don’t have enough space to accommodate it. If your office is not carpeted, then don’t buy an office chair with a wheel and caster base. The surface of the floor is important so that your employees don’t experience any injuries. You also don’t want to damage a tiled floor with one of these office chairs.

The Adjustment

Make sure that you purchase office chairs that are able to be adjusted to the employee’s body weight and body shape. The ergonomic office chair has these features. The seat height, tilt, arm rests and tension control are some of the things that you can expect from one of these office chairs.


Your employee’s safety is important to workplace production, but more significantly, it is ideal to ensure that the employee feels comfortable and confident with working in a safe environment. So, before you buy office chairs, consider some or all of these things.

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