Snacking Habits At Work

Mindless snacking or eating refers to the times where you are around food and you just eat without even thinking about it. This is really easy to do while watching movies or when you are at a party and just killing time before you can go home. Another bad place for mindless eating or snacking a lot, is at work. If you are sitting at your desk typing away for most of the day or doing other desk work, it can be tempting to have a bag of chips handy or another snack item close by.

The easiest way to put a stop to all this extra calorie intake that you aren’t even really enjoying because you aren’t being mindful of what you are putting in your mouth, is to avoid having snacks near you during the day. It is also a good idea to not have snacks while watching movies and other activities as well if you are watching your figure. It is way too easy to eat multiple servings before you even realize what is happening.

Instead of bringing unhealthy snacks or stashing large amounts of them in your desk drawers, try measuring out your snacks and leaving the rest at home. Another tip for keeping yourself healthy and not eating your calorie limit by lunch time is to have only healthy snacks on hand instead of junk food. Toss out the chips and chocolate, although they are ok to have every once in awhile, and reach for some fruit or vegetables.

In all reality, most of us do not eat enough vegetables or fruit in our day. There are many days that people go without touching a fruit and some days they miss out on almost all their servings of vegetables, unless that lettuce and tomato on the double cheeseburger at lunch counts.

You work hard to keep yourself healthy and you take in consideration how sitting can be hard on your body, so you purchase an ergonomic chair to properly support your spine. You recognize the importance of water and hydration so you keep a water bottle on hand, but you forget how important the food you eat is.

Cut down on excess snacking by only bringing enough snacks for a mid-morning snack and a late afternoon snack. Having small, healthy and filling snacks at these times can help you avoid overeating at meals. Try bringing vegetables such as sliced cucumbers, carrots, a small salad, or bringing some almonds to munch on. Fruit is a great snack, but try to stay away from package fruit pieces as these can be filled with preservatives and added sugars. Try instead for a fresh orange or apple.

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